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Robot Vacuum and Mop, Bagotte 2000Pa Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Gyro Navigation with Mapping System, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Boundary Strips, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

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  • ♚Newest Upgrade 2000Pa Suction & Adjustable Mopping♛ The newly Bagotte robot vacuum can easily absorb pet hair, dust, chocolate beans and even large nails. The BG750 with the 2-in-1 function, can mop the floor at any time after cleaning. You can adjust the water output through the APP to find the most suitable water output for your floor.
  • ♚120 Min Long Battery Life & 0.6L Large Dust Bin♛ The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in 0.6L large trash box, which can hold more garbage and significantly reduce your cleaning times. The updated Bagotte vacuum robot is equipped with the latest batteries to extend the cleaning time. Compared with other robots vacuum, BG750 can give you a clean home after cleaning once.
  • ♚Gyro Navigation & Mapping♛ Bagotte robotic vacuums uses advanced gyro navigation technology. Compared with ordinary robots vacuum cleaners, BG750 has a regular path and will never miss any corner of the garbage. In order to make it easier for you to view, BG750 will map the cleaning area to the APP in real time, and you can clearly see its cleaning coverage.
  • ♚Multiple Control Methods & Magnetic Stripe♛ BG750 robotic vacuum and mop is compatible with multiple control methods. You can use APP/Alexa/Google Assistant to control your smart robot vacuums. The attached magnetic strip is also your good helper. For example: You can place the magnetic strip in the toy area, and the BG750 will recognize the toy area and will not clean it.
  • ♚2.7" Ultra-Thin & 360 All-Round Protection♛ The Bagotte automatic vacuum cleaner robot is only 2.7" designed to solve the inaccessible garbage. BG750 robot vacuums can easily pass through low sofas, coffee tables and cabinets. The built-in infrared sensor can detect obstacles in advance and turn the direction in time.This is undoubtedly your best helper. We provide 12 months professional warranty.


    Customer Review


    Great and Amazing Product!

    Amazing product! I am big tech follower and so I have been watching robot vacuum technology for a while waiting the right time and when I saw BG750,  I was sold. The intelligent mapping is fantastic allowing the robot to efficiently clean and optimize the coverage so it can completely clean every inch leaving my floors spotless. The LOW PROFILE design  and Intelligent Gyro Navigation system are awesome. The spot and zone cleaning functions so far have worked great and it always knows where it is going. The big thing for me was the mopping feature. It has no problem keeping paw prints, light dirt or spills, and dust up off the floor leaving my floors nice and shiny. Wifi and voice control features made it very convenient. Powerful suction too! Perfect for pet lovers. I use it everyday and it cleaned like a champ. Highly recommended Bagotte BG750.

    by J. Pasion, August 26, 2021


    Vacuums over rugs and different floor elevations

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Who has enough time to vacuum? Not me so I wanted a robot vacuum. I have a lot of little rugs over my floors so I was afraid a robot wouldn’t work, but IT WORKED GREAT!It took all the corners and keep working it’s way around my big old farmhouse.I didn’t want to use the app and it works great with just the remote.I cook dinner , it vacuums.I was embarrassed to see all the dirt and junk it picked up in 15 minutes.It went under my couch lots of times and then I heard an alarm. I pulled it out and there’s was a hair scrunchie, papers and a dog biscuit blocking the suction. No problem, I removed the junk and it kept right on vacuuming. Needless to say I was impressed!! My husband didn’t think it would work for us but now he has changed his mind.It took me awhile to pick one out cuz of so many options but we are very happy with our purchase.It has a lot more functions for me to try out but right now I am so happy just to have it vacuum and to have clean floors.

    by terry, August 28, 2021


    This robot is a life saver!

    We are really pleased with the Robot Vacuum. I was amazed at the floor plan of our house that it created. The first time I ran the vacuum it finished about half of our house before it headed back to the charging station. After it was fully charged, I selected continue to clean and it went back to were it had left off and finished the rest of the house. After the complete floor plan was created, I split the floor plan into the rooms of our house. So that we could designate areas to be cleaned. I divided the areas up so that the vacuum will not completely discharge before returning to recharge. It has always found its way back to the charging dock. The kitchen was divided into two section: kitchen and dinette so that the chairs for the dinette could be moved into the kitchen after it was cleaned. I went around the house before using the vacuum to insure that all cords were off the floor. There are several items on the floor that we move before cleaning if we want those areas completely cleaned. One throw rug had long tassels so we pick that up before hand. I selected the Guest room as a test to see if it could find it and clean it. It found the room, cleaned up and went back to the charge dock. I highly recommend this robot!

    by Alex Alani, September 13, 2021


    Vacuum and mopping two in one

    I bought a same brand robot before so I know it is awesome! My previous one only has the vacuum function, so I got this one which is equipped by vacuum and mop. The package with a total of four brush heads, two rags, and two filters. The extra is used to replace the old ones .It is really easy to set up right out of the box and the app is really cool. It does come with a remote control but the app is far handier. Everything you want it to do can be controlled by your phone.Anyway, tried it this weekend and really save me from cleaning work. Love it and highly recommend it!

    by Frank, August 28, 2021


    Time and effort saver specially for hardwood floors

    It was getting a lot of effort to keep the hardwood floors clean specially with and active toddler, so we were looking for some Robo vacuums which can also do mopping. and we wanted to try this one, looking at the features and ratings. so far it is doing a great job, it came with 2 brushes to pick the dust from the corners and a suction with a brush on the bottom which is picking up the dust very nicely. suction is decent. packaging is awesome, it is well arranged and came with everything needed to get go right out of the box. it came with dust collection bin which has a filter, and also with an additional water tank which has dust collection bin included in it. the best part is the mopping feature, it did a great job, you can leave it in auto mode or you can totally control the robo direction with the app, the navigation in the auto mode could be better, it goes in straight lines, but if there is any obstacle in the way it changes its direction and again tried to make straight lines. in this process, it doesn't cover some areas, but that is where i change it to manual mode and cover those areas, can control the water throughput through the app, and it does a very decent job with mopping which is a great time saver for me. make sure you clean the mop cloth periodically. it came with an extra cloth though. returning back for charging is a hit or miss so far, not all the times it is able to get to the docking station on time when the battery is low. overall happy with the product, great timesaver and effort saver for sure specially if you have toddlers or pets.

    by DK, September 19, 2021


    Work Robot Vacuum

    I am telling you why I bought this product.actually I don't need this product. but because the product I was using was broken, I ended up buying this product. but before I buy this product, I first see a review from a previous buyer. whether this product is worthy of my purchase and it turns out that the previous buyer reviews are pretty good, making me even more interested in buying this product.when I bought this product. I am thinking whether this product is better than my previous product. but I think positively and I am sure that this product will make me happy and better than the product I used before.when this product arrived I was very satisfied with the results

    by C. Whipp, August 16, 2021

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