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Roborock E5 Mop Robot Vacuum and Mop, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 2500Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, APP Control, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors (White)

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    • 4.3 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 156.809

  • OpticEye Navigation: Logical navigation powered by OpticEye motion tracking and dual gyroscopes clean your floors thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Serious Cleaning Power: 2500 Pa of HyperForce suction power quickly lifts dirt from floors and carpets.
  • SnapMop Simplicity: Quickly click in the SnapMop system with its large 180 ml water tank, with adjustable water flow, to give floors an extra layer of cleaning.
  • App, Voice & Remote Control: Control every element of your robot wherever you are from the Roborock app. Start and stop cleanups and more with the power of your voice with Amazon Alexa support. Use the included MagBase remote control.
  • Extra-Large 5200mAh Battery: 200 minutes of run time cleans most homes easily.
  • Empty Less Often: A large 640ml dustbin stores more dust so that it can be emptied less often.


    Customer Review


    Efficeint, Powerful Vacuum

    I also own a Roomba 890, which I have designated to clean the downstairs. while the Roomba does a good job, the bouncing from wall to wall model of cleaning (I think of this as the infinite energy rubber ball model) is inefficient. I have placed visible things on the floor for the Roomba to pick up and it might take 2 or 3 sessions for it to get them all. The Roborock however got everything I placed the first time. The, for lack of a better word "zigzag" pattern covers the entire room, and every room in which it is allowed. It also takes less time, the same area that took the Roomba 55 minutes, takes the Roborock 42, and as I said before it does a better job.The Roomba frequently gets stuck and asks for help, the Roborock has yet to request any kind of help, other than to empty the dustbin. The Roomba went under something and dragged it's RCON off, the small "tower" in the front of the robot that senses the charging port. I had to rebuild the casing and replace the RCON. The Roborock seems to know it's limits, what it can and can't get under.I also had a lot of things that were dragged around the room by Roomba, especially anything with a cord. So far, I haven't had this to happen with the Roborock.I also love the way the Roborock can increase it's suction when it gets on a rug or carpet. My rugs look very good.

    by Kingfisher, August 6, 2018



    Finally purchased this robot vacuum after months of researching different products. We have two dogs that shed quite a bit and this vacuum brings back at least half a dust bin full of stuff every day. This cleans better than top end roomba and neato models (800-900 bucks) and comes with a mopping attachment on top of that. The mop is basically a cloth and water reservoir, but If you fill it with say, swiffer wet jet solution, it does a pretty great job. Basically the best vacuum you can buy at half the price of the competition. We haven't had to manually clean our floors since it arrived

    by Amazon Customer, August 20, 2018


    Amazing ingenious quality leading edge technology based product

    Following a 3 month review testing of the top Robotic Vacuums. I ordered Roborock last 10 days ago. It arrived as promised by Amazon Prime last wednesday. Packaging was profesional and it shows good quality. Initial setup startup was simple, reviewing the YouTube videos helped inmensly. It came fully charged so put it to work right away. Download the app, it was fairly simple to set. It up, with a few small glitches with the IP settings. The instructions r not very clear, probably due to the language barrier. Run it side by side w the Roomba 960 (my wife’s favorite) here are the results> Roomba 960+ appeared to have much better suction+ uses a different robber roller technology in place of blushes+ collection canister is much larger than than Roborock+ virtual barriers are an elegant touch and simple to use+ Alexa enameled nice to have but does not add to much value+ Good sound technology- Dumb random cleaning pattern- Leaves dust and hair coils behind and never picks them up- when canister is full it stops, happened underneath furniture & underneath the bed 😞- one day we left it alone working and it disappeared, though it was under the bed but could not find it. 3 days later we found it in the closet behind the laundry basket 😂- we could not get it to talk like the earlier models- about 70% returned to charging- green light top of the unit is very bright, my wife keeps it the master bedroom, in the dark it is unnecessary bright at night - it collects a lot of dust/hair/carpet fibers (6 have 6 pets at home) a few times the canister was ful, after empting it, got the same error msg, eventually we found out it collected extra rubish in the connecting tube to the canister. we had to empty it by picking up the Roomba and placing it on to of the garbage. Needless to say lots of dust went on the floor, bad idea, not very sanitary dust dirt all over the floor- I needed a RoboMop wich costs from $150 to $299 ouch making the cost arounf 1KRoborock S511+ Ingenous elegant deign+ 4 suction mode setup plus Mop Mode+ The app is very easy to setup after getting aroun a couple glitches+ Excellent technology used to perform the cleanup mode+ When the canister is full it tells the user the problem, plain english, also, send a msg to ur cell phone+ We needed to find where it went, well the is an options under settings “Find my Robot Vaccum” and it replies “Hi I am Over here”also it show u exactly where in the zone clean up is stuck or it if has retuned to base. All very easy to follow graphics+ Canister is very easy to take it out & empty+ Uses GPS sensors to give u a cleanup progress report+ The app keep track of component utilization HEPA filter brush etc etc+ Tried the Mop option, with its limitations, worked amazingly well+ App is very well written & tested have not found bugs yet, corny at times w limited help- Canister is to small & requires frequent attention- the app has zone setup limitations. It does not allow to outline zones save them and schedule cleanup in saved zones- it is noisy when the Leanup mode is set to Max Mode- Mop function while useful is very limited- it lacks virtualll walls, a magnetic tape on the floor is very primitive virtual, I believe dynasours used itThe winner is. The Roborock S511 - my wife name it CholitaSuperior product, in spite of small drawbacks/isssues ingenious design, excellent use of many technologies, laser scanners, wifi, messaging, sensors, logic board, msg to voice vaccum & Moping for $500 w amazon cupon. (If there is a robotic lawnmower w this technology I will definately get itI am planing to get one for Dad for his new water from Home 🏡 he is 90yrs old in great shape, but does not clean or vaccum floors nor mop. He does not like anyone else, except my sister, to do itWill update soon

    by ToniV, August 25, 2018


    This is One Great Cleaning Machine. Highly recommended!

    I saw this unit reviewed positively by a couple of You Tube tech gurus I follow and decided to purchase and give it a try. We had been using a less intelligent and less expensive device for a few months that does a good job but tends to just kind of bump around with no real pattern or idea of what it is doing. But we have a very strange layout in our home with lots of corners and angles. This Roborock is amazing. It cleans thoroughly and efficiently without having to watch it or constantly manage to make sure it gets all the cleaning completed. This unit maps out entire area of our downstairs into zones and then proceeds to thoroughly clean. We have dogs and cats (constant shedding) and it really helps to be able to have cleaning done every couple of days. None of our animals seem to mind the roborock, unlike our big loud vacuum cleaner.Positives :*Knows the Floorplan and areas it needs to clean*Extremely effecient in thoroughly cleaning all areas of the home*Easy to operate once setup.*Has a nice voice letting you know what it's doing*Smartly maneuvers corners, obstacles and hard to reach areas*Looks nice (love the pearl white and rose gold look)*Seems to be well made*Very "Smart"*Relatively quiet compared to manual vacuum cleaners*Manages obstacles easily and transitions easily from carpet, tile and wood flooringImprovements :#I think Xioami could work a little on making the phone app a little easier or intuitive#Would like a dedicated remote control as an option to phone app#Won't move all the furniture to get hidden areasWe really love this robot. It saves time and effort and makes it easier to keep the house very clean without dragging out the loud manual vacuum.

    by RSD, September 30, 2018


    Lo volvería a comprar

    Vivo en un casa de un piso y es muy práctica, tiene potencia y succión por lo que aspira bien, la aplicación es fácil de usar y de configurar, lo único que el trapeador solo es con agua por lo que sería más como manutención que como una limpieza

    by _lim_, June 2, 2021

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