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LEGO Minecraft The Coral Reef 21164 Hands-on Minecraft Marine Toy Featuring Alex, a Drowned and 2 Cool Puffer Fish, New 2021 (92 Pieces)

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 6.028

  • LEGO Minecraft The Coral Reef (21164) is a hands-on treat for Minecraft players that brings the game’s underwater adventures to life with endlessly reconfigurable LEGO bricks
  • Durable LEGO Minecraft set featuring popular gaming character Alex, with diving helmet, magic pants and sword, plus a drowned, 2 puffer fish (1 ‘inflated’, 1 normal) and accessories
  • Kids join Alex, the Minecraft daredevil, as she dives beneath the ocean to search for hidden treasure among the colorful coral reef and fight off a surprise attack by a drowned
  • For ages 7 and up Delight Minecraft players with a real-world Minecraft building playset. The perfect surprise for gamers wanting to take their Minecraft play to the next level
  • The set measures over 3 in. (7 cm) high, 4 in. (10 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (10 cm) deep – small enough for hands-on fun and big enough for an impressive display

  • Bring Minecraft, the hugely popular online kids’ game, to life in the real world with hands-on LEGO Minecraft The Coral Reef (21164). With endlessly reconfigurable LEGO bricks, the creative-building fun never stops.Authentic Minecraft action in an underwater adventureKids join Minecraft’s popular daredevil, Alex, as she dives beneath the Minecraft ocean to search for hidden treasure among the colorful coral reef. The set is packed with imaginative Minecraft features – from the passing puffer fish to the surprise appearance of the treasure chest. And, like all exciting Minecraft stories, there’s a thrilling sword battle with a drowned zombie.


    Customer Review


    Cute little set for a great price!

    I LOVE Minecraft and was really excited when I first saw images for the 2021 sets. I decided to get the Coral Reef first since it was the cheapest one and it does not disappoint! You get two mini figures and two pufferfish. Alex (one of the main players) comes with purple pants to represent them being enchanted and a turtle shell helmet which I believe to be exclusive to this set currently. You also get a drowned figure which I also think is exclusive but I could be wrong. Both figures are awesome and have nice details despite being so simple. The pufferfish are a nice inclusion as well, one puffed up and one un-puffed one. The coral reef itself is also very colorful and holds a little treasure chest that you can launch out from the back. All in all a very good cheap 10$ set with great pieces and characters. Would definitely recommend for any Minecraft and lego fan!

    by Edward Kotoian, January 6, 2021


    Lego is as Lego does

    Disappointed in how this item arrived. The shipping envelope had no padding and the item itself was not wrapped in bubble wrap. The photos show the condition this item which was intended for a birthday gift. I am confident the actual Lego product won’t disappoint, however, this condition of the box does not make it giftable, thus giving it one leas star

    by MothersRule, June 19, 2021


    I love It! + UNIQUE PIECES!

    I collect Minecraft lego sets and play Minecraft too. This set is of a coral reef in Minecraft with a drowned, pufferfish x2, and Alex. Alex is wearing a turtle helmet that gives water breathing under water for 10 seconds. This is the only lego set I could find that has this piece. The drowned is holding a nautilus shell, which in Minecraft if you have 8 + one heart of the sea (heart of the sea is not included) they can be used in crafting a conduit. This is also the only lego set I could find with this piece.(you also need one heart of the sea to craft a conduit, which is not included in this lego set) (a conduit can be used with Prismarine blocks to give unlimited water breathing within a certain radius of the conduit) Then there is also the drowned and in and of itself is a unique figure. This is also the only set I could find that has this figure. Plus the two pufferfish which are also unique pieces that I could only find in this lego set. Some other unique things in this set are some pieces of kelp, 2 sea pickles, and a few blocks of coral. When I turn the dial to push the treasure out sometimes if I turn it just right the treasure chest sort of shoots out. I see this as a fun thing and not a negative. there is no damage and I can just put it back in and do it again. The lego set is small with a 92 piece count. But to me that means it fits easy on my lego shelf. This set is very easy to gift. I collect large and small lego sets and I still really love this one. (and by large I mean 1000 piece+) It is also very colorful. Over all I don't really see any negatives at all.

    by Becky, January 30, 2021


    Super easy for a 7-year-old to assemble!

    Bought for my 7-year-old’s birthday. He loves Minecraft and Legos. He was able to assemble this without assistance in about 10 minutes. A little too easy/simple but he still loved it!

    by B. Lee, January 30, 2021


    Minecraft Legos rock!

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Arrived quickly, great price. Present for our grandson...he will love it!Box came slightly damaged, but shouldn't really be an issue, just take better care packing in the future, yeah?

    by angelnco1969, August 1, 2021


    grandson happy

    this gave my grandson a good time in the middle of difficult times.

    by Martha B. Fretwell, January 17, 2021


    My kids love these

    Who doesn't love Legos? These were great and my kids had the best time putting them together. great value for the money and all the pieces were there. superb product.

    by msaonika, May 5, 2021


    Fun to build

    Got this as a birthday present for my nephew and he loved it ! He loves both Minecraft and legos so it really was perfect. Easy to put together , hes 7 and did it himself

    by Clara, June 21, 2021


    Arrived late, box was smashed

    Thankfully, Lego comes in small pieces and after a quick look, it seems to be okay. It arrived 3 days after the latest date estimate. Box was in an envelope and had been thoroughly smashed. Bought as a gift.

    by Tracey, June 17, 2021


    Calidad/precio asegurado

    Muy buen producto, de la colección de minecraft más accesible en cuanto a precio.Es un producto de lego así que la calidad está asegurada.A mi hijo de 5 años le encantó.Y es idéntico a los diseños del videojuego.100% recomendable.

    by José omar, July 10, 2021



    Fue para mí sobrino y le gustó mucho, llegó al día siguiente.

    by Cliente de Amazon, August 30, 2021


    Cheapest lego set

    It's Legos.... Came unopened and undamaged.

    by Kiki, August 20, 2021


    Coisa de vó!

    Meu neto adorou muito!

    by Eliani Harscha, May 15, 2021

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