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TECCPO Mini Fridge TAMF33, 4.5 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer, Energy Star, Auto Defrost, Super Quiet, Small Refrigerator for Dorm, Bedroom


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4.4 ratings

BHD 281.002

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TECCPO TAMF33 Compact Refrigerator 4.5 Cu.Ft-Smart spaces meet the biggest needs.

The TECCPO 4.5 Cu.Ft TAMF33 compact refrigerator combines contemporary style with cutting-edge refrigeration technology.

The powerful compressor delivers ultimate performance even in hot weather, keeping your food fresh at its optimal chilled temperature. The thermostat control is mechanical adjustable, you could simply turn the thermostat knob to adjust temperature, giving you more flexibility in temperature control hence lowering your energy bill.

Equipped with high performance evaporator, this small refrigerator comes with a light-degree freezer storage (0.49 Cu.Ft.).

This TECCPO small refrigerator measures at 21.8"(L)*19.4(W)"*33.2(H)", offering a large capacity of 4.5 Cu.Ft. Versatile interior design makes every cubic inch count.

TECCPO Compact Refrigerator
  • Reversible door
  • Low energy consumption
  • Leveling leg
  • Automatic lighting
  • 4.5 cuft-Large Capacity
  • 0.49 Light-degree Freezer

TECCPO TAMF33 Compact Refrigerator 4.5 Cu.Ft

Smart spaces meet the biggest needs.

The TECCPO small refrigerator has a large capacity of 4.5 cu.ft. Small size, yet roomy. The spacious internal of the device, together with the additional storage space inside the fridge door, allows your groceries and beverages to be stored in an organized manner. Glass shelves could be removed or adjusted according to your needs, this small fridge also comes with a crisper drawer, specially designed for the freshness of your fruit and vegetables.

  • 1 ×Crisper Drawer
  • 3× Removable Glass Shelf
  • One Button Defrost
  • 37 dB quiet
  • LED Light
  • 6-setting Adjustable Thermostat Control
  • Easy to move with wheels
  • LARGE CAPACITY + COMPACT OUTSIDE: The size of this small refrigerator is 20.86"(D)*20.59(W)"*32.48(H)", offering a generous capacity of 4.5 cu.ft. More internal space meaning your groceries and beverages could be stored in order, this small fridge is also perfectly adaptable to small spaces for instance dorms, offices, garages, baby rooms, etc
  • ONE BUTTON DEFROST & ENERGY SAVING: This Energy Star awarded small fridge only consumes 0.6kWh of electricity per day, which costs merely $0.07 on a daily basis, it also contains 6 temperature settings ranges from 23' to 50' Fahrenheit. Moreover, it features one-button defrosting allowing you to defrost easily by simply pressing the defrost button in the middle of the temperature control knob, saves you from worrying about frosting
  • WHISPER-QUIET: The powerful refrigeration compressor not only works well but also works quietly. The noise level of this small refrigerator is as low as 37 dB when working, close to the noise level of whispering, bringing no disturb to your work and rest
  • SMART DESIGNS: The designs of reversible door and leveling leg make the small fridge more flexible with placing locations. Additionally, it comes with a crisper drawer and automatic lighting for your convenience
  • ACCESSORIES & QUALITY ASSURANCE-CONTENT INCLUDES: 1 × TECCPO Compact Refrigerator TAMF33; 1 × User Manual; 1 × Ice Cube Tray; 1 ×Crisper Drawer; 3× Removable Glass Shelf; 1 × Drain Tray; 24M warranty and after-sales service 24h/7 days available, allows you to shop without worries
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • R. K.

      Very high quality, keeps everying cold consistently, and lots of room.

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I need a fridge for my theatre room, and I found this one, that had really nice specs, and a good size too. Out of the box, wow, this fridge is made really well, door closes perfectly where it has that close if you leave the door open, and the sound when a solid fridge closes and seals. And I have to say, that feeling is as good as my full sized fridge. Over all this fridge has a good thickness where I can not feel cool from any where around it, where this one is very well insulted and that means, energy efficient. I also took notice that the compressor barely runs as well, another good size of a well made compressor and energy efficient too. Big perk, this one has lots of storage shelves, and love the glass shelves in the main part of the fridge where everything is removable and adjustable. Also glass is so easy to clean, and no worries about leakage stains where plastic just does not work. One big thing, for condensation, there is a drip hole, that goes to a drip tray above the compressor compartment in the back, hard to show, made a video and added some pics to show how much I really like this one and how the drip tray works too. Now for the little thing, that means a lot to me, is that the light is a really nice, well refracted light that the whole inside of the refrigerator lights up in the dark, making it very easy to see everything in it. No cons for this one, everything works perfectly where I am very happy with the purchase.

    • P. M.

      Updated Review Of June 30th 2021

      After much painstaking reviews of mini fridges I decided on this one. Because it has many good reviews. I feared it would arrive with all dents in it but to my suprise no dents save for a tiny one in the side. The "inst" booklet says when first use to turn the thermostat dial to "6" wait 24-48 hours then dial down to 3 and put food or beverages in.I noticed that the fridge cycled on for 5 maybe 10 min then went off. Things did get cold and Ice froze in the chiller drawer. But cycling off and on so much worried me. I didnt want it to break. I left it on "6" coldest. There it cycles on for half hour off for ten min. I'm told by the manufacturer this is "normal" so I have revised my review. So far after a month things get cold and stay cold ice is made in the chiller drawer. But I dont like the on for 30min off for 10min. Thankfully I purchased a 5 year extension warrenty. I hope I dont need to use it.UPDATE (6-29-21) I'm going to change my review to "dont buy" I asked this company where do I get my refrigerator serviced In the one year warrenty and they cant even tell me. This is beginning to be a huge mistake in buying this brand. Now when the fridge cycles on and off it make a "pinging" or "knocking" sound.

    • D.

      Push button defrost without needing to empty = sold!

      I like the footprint, it has plenty of room for snacks and beverages and is quiet enough for the bedroom. The thickness is great, shelves are of quality & my only dislike is that the freezer won't get cold enough for a few icepacks. Will be trying a tray of ice to see if maybe you just can't put very much in it and have to leave room all the way around items (or if it's a defect). We took out the insurance so I'm less worried either way and know mfr or warranty company should make right.What really sold us on this model is the push button defrost whereas there's no need to empty it or have a drain pan.

    • C.

      Great fridge and only fridge

      We got as a back up since our regular size fridge is going on the fritz and is only 2 years old. So sad. Anyway, this one has worked fabulously. Now, have only had it 2 months and really like the size and layout within. Would work well for studio apt or someone who is used to living in Europe where they can shop daily at the market. So far, so good. will let you know if issues in the future after we go through a few months to a year. Happy thus far.

    • Z.

      A lot of space for a compact refrigerator

      I was looking for a low cost compact refrigerator to temporarily replace my full size refrigerator while a hard to get part is on back-order. I looked for one that did not have a freezer compartment taking up space, because I like to keep a lot of fresh vegetables on hand. This one worked perfectly from the moment it came in the door. It unpacked easily and was cooling food in an hour. It is in my living room and is very quiet. It holds everything I normally need and the temperature is very even. I like the light when I open the door, a feature that the otherwise similar Frigidaire I looked at didn't have. When I finally get my backordered part from overseas for my big refrigerator, this one will become extra storage in the garage for drinks and large amounts of leftovers. It is more than I expected.