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Miracle LED 602856 Multi-Plant Red & Blue Spectrum Daylight Bulb Replacing 150W (2-Pack) Clamp On LED Grow Light Kit

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BHD 32.718


  • Grow Anywhere - Easy clamp system allows a sturdy hold on most surfaces for the superior growing angle
  • Red & Blue Spectrum Daylight Grow Light - Natural 1900 micromole red and blue spectrums for seeding & flowering
  • LED Energy Savings - Save up to $49 a year with a yearly energy cost of only $1. 32!
  • Nothing Runs Better Than MiracleLED - The lifespan on our bulbs puts any other traditional light bulb to shame, lasting for decades without burning out, emitting almost no heat, and containing no mercury!
  • Multi-Plant Technology - Grow multiple plants with one bulb with 270 degrees of growing power

  • Grow Like a Pro! The Miracle LED Clamp-On Grow Light Kit provides the perfect solution to your home growing setup. Our easy-clamp system allows light placement wherever necessary wile our rubber textured no-slip design allows for secure placement. This kit is paired with the Miracle LED Wide Angle Multi-Plant LED Red & Blue Growlight. Cover multiple plants with ease with the growing power of 1900 micromoles and deliver the natural daylight that your plants crave. Miracle LED economic design costs only $1. 32 in annual electricity costs and can save you up to $49 dollars per year running only 11W and replacing old 150W incandescent bulbs!

    Our clamp lamp is a versatile lighting accessory for any plant owner, whether it's a couple house plants or an indoor garden. It's extremely easy to use: clamp it anywhere without having to sacrifice the layout of your home. Non-marring clamp grips don't damage where you put your clamp, and this clamp includes an adjustable angle reflector for optimal plant lighting. Do you leave your house plant in your windowsill, hoping that the sun will give it the right amount of light? Do you have to keep your plant in a dark area with no way to light it. Use the Miracle LED Clamp Lamp Kit to give your plant the light it craves, anywhere in the house! Miracle LED light bulbs run at a lower wattage than old, hot, incandescent light bulbs. This means that they run at a fraction of the cost! You'll save money on your energy bill using these efficient, bright, long-lasting LED light bulb! This lighting fixture is specially designed for LED lighting. Our Miracle LED grow lights work perfectly with this versatile clamp lamp. You'll be saving tons on energy, and giving your plants the light they crave when you pair our clamp lamps with our grow lights that run at a fraction of the energy that incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs run.

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