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Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules (2400mg | Powerful Nootropic ) Brain Mushroom Supplement for Focus & Immune Support Pure Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder Extract - Brain Booster Memory & Energy Pills

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  • Lions Mane Capsules by VitaRaw
  • 2400 mg ; Natural Nootropic ; 120 Capsules
  • Supercharge for Your Brain Cells - If you’re looking to improve your cognition, boost your mood & enhance your focus, our Lions Mane brain supplement is for you. Lion’s Mane is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune booster. This Nootropic works to improve blood flow & increase in oxygen to your brain therefore providing effective stress relief & brain support. The Lions mane extract serves as brain food by strengthening brain cells and stimulating the growth of new ones.
  • No Shortcuts - Our pure and organic Lion’s Mane supplement was created to be the most powerful on the market. With 2,400 mg per serving, you can be sure you are taking a potent and effective dose. Our formula also contains organic black pepper extract to allow for easy & rapid absorption. VitaRaw’s Lion’s Mane capsules are made with all certified organic ingredients and encapsulated in plant based capsules, with ZERO gelatin or animal by-products making it 100% vegetarian friendly.
  • Smarter, Healthier, Happier - With roots in Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane has long been used as nature’s most trusted nootropic. Our Lion’s Mane extract is produced by the state of-the-art hot water extraction to obtain beneficial beta-glucans & other nutrients to provide an unmatched result with each capsule. Our energy booster, memory pills are perfect for busy & active individuals who want to focus better, study with ease, feel energized, alleviate stress promote brain health.
  • Be Your Best - We can all use more mental clarity and drive. Whether you're an athlete, parent, student, business professional or just want to improve the quality of your life, our Lion’s Mane pills are for you. These brain vitamins has been shown to slow down aging & contains anti-fatigue properties, increases energy, strengthens concentration levels, improves gut health, reduces anxiety, protects your brain against cognitive decline, supports ADHD, lowers nerve pain and more.
  • A Brand You Can Trust - Our Premium Lion’s Mane brain supplement is scientifically formulated so that each & every pill we produce aims to provide you with effective result; We use only the finest organic mushroom powder & manufacture our products in the usa using Good Manufacturing Practice standards. You are our main priority & so is your experience with our brand. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have & help in any way we can.

  • A Smarter, Healthier, Happier You*

    ✔️ Lion’s Mane Mushroom is known to have been used as a tea for thousands of years by Buddhist monks to enhance brain power, and heighten their ability to focus during meditation. Our powerful dose of 2,400 mg with added black pepper extract for easy absorption is the boost your brain and body need to feel its best.*

    ✔️ Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom proven to benefit the brain, nerves, and immune system. Lion’s Mane has also been shown to be effective in stimulating Nerve Growth Factor in the brain. Many adults enjoy this mushroom complex as a great natural alternative to ADHD supplements.*

    ✔️ Our Premium mushroom complex contains certified organic lion’s mane & certified organic black pepper extract because we don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to health. Our Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly supplement is made with vegetable capsules, not gelatin, which is made from animal by-products.

    ✔️ Not all brain supplements are created equal. Our lion’s mane capsules with organic ingredients are one of the most powerful on the market, to ensure that you feel the difference - focus better, improve mental clarity, enhance your mood, lower stress levels, anxiety, and so much more!

    FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*


    Customer Review


    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Shame on you, VitaRaw.

    This product is fake. I wish I could give negative stars. The capsule on the left is from the bottle I ordered a couple months ago. The capsule on the right is the bottle that just arrived. Shame on you , VitaRaw. Mushroom powder should not smell like cocoa powder when you open the bottle. Mushroom powder should not taste like salt, cocoa, and funky kitchen spices; it should tase like pure fresh mushrooms. Don't try to play it off as source variability. I've grown culinary mushrooms and there is never this much variability between flushes. I'm sending the bottle back to Amazon, but keeping one capsule so I can have one of my friends do some microscopy on it so I can figure out what you sent to me.Oh....and anyone who knows anything about plant medicine also would know that cocoa powder can give you a boost similar to mushroom powder, so, nice try.

    by raincitykitty, January 15, 2021


    Is this lions mane?

    I am pretty familiar with the effects of lions mane and the dosages of high quality lions mane that can produce a given effect. I have been using lion's mane for awhile, but this is my first time using this specific product, which i bough because of how cheap it was.According to the ingredients label, the gel caps contain lions main, black pepper extract, and rice powder.This product feels different from other lions mane I have taken. I suspect there is not much lions mane in it and rice powder is being used as filler (the contents of the gel caps look a lot different from the way lions mane usually does). VitaRaw is using black pepper extract to increase the effect of the lions main, black pepper inhibits the breakdown of some compounds in the liver. The usage I am familiar with is combining black pepper with turmeric to increase blood levels of curcumin (20x times).The effects could definitely be described as nootropic. My cognition is enhanced, but the effects are decidedly different from pure lions mane, and there are some potential issues with using black pepper extract. I noticed in another review someone said they became dizzy after taking it. I had a similar experience after taking some capsules and drinking a kombucha, I *think* it was the result of the black pepper extract inhibiting the breakdown of something in the kombucha in by my liver.Lions mane works by making acetylcholine receptors in the brain more sensitive. The nicotine molecule is identical to acetylcholine (a class of Ach receptors are called nicotinergic receptors). The benefit of making the receptors more sensitive as opposed to taking nicotine is that your body can regulate your states better, the focus is more intense but you don't get "locked in" in the same way you can if you use nicotine gum or a patch. Hence the benefit of lions mane.I am concerned about the potential effects if someone took this product with nicotine. If the liver is inhibited from breaking nicotine down by the black pepper extract, and the lions mane is increasing nicotenergic receptor sensitivity (and likewise not being broken down by the liver) it could be VERY unpleasant, perhaps dangerous to someone with another preexisting condition.Also curious about the interactions of black pepper extract with prescribed pharmaceuticals people could be taking.I may be blowing it out of proportion, but I think some of the complaints in other reviews are the result of the black pepper extract. I get VitaRaw is going for the lowest priced lions mane, but they may want to be careful.------------All that being said, I will continue to use the rest of the lions main (+ black pepper extract) nootropic i bought from vita raw. I just won't treat it like pure lions mane--being careful about what i mix it with--and in the future I will buy a different product.

    by 343Programs, September 20, 2020


    I Can Remember!

    I've been taking Lions mane for some time now. I'm a recovered cancer patient, chemo saved my life but killed my memory, Lions mane mushrooms have given me that memory back. This brand is as good as any brand I have used, at a fair price point. I can tell by the smell that these are fresh, I will be buying this brand again in the future. Don't sit around the house like this big, fat cat reclining on my PJs, as I used to do, try natural healing to give you your life back.

    by Monica Jones, February 20, 2020


    There is something to this.....

    I was skeptical of this or any of these brain supplement products at first. Nearing 60, I look at every claim with one eyebrow raised. But, there is something more to this product than just wishful thinking, hoping that it would work, and it did not take too long to start. At my age, there is a tendency to get a little forgetful, and I always have to write things down now since my job can be complicated with many tasks. But I noticed some things I would clearly have forgotten before taking the product, I now remember. Another example, when logging on to my bank account, the bank sends a text with an 8 digit code as an extra security measure. I find that I can glance at the number on my phone, and easily remember every number without looking back. Also, I notice that words come to mind a little easier, I'm not searching for them as much. So, this will be in my regiment for the rest of my life.

    by Den, July 12, 2020


    Less anxious, less triggered, happier mom

    I bought these as an alternative option for my anxiety and daily energy to keep up with my four homeschool children, actually not expecting to notice a big difference and for the first few days I didn't , but after about a week I realized my reaction to the same stressors that would cause me to get really uupset or angry are easier to tolerate and deal with more level headed which is a big help for tired busy mom. I also looked up all the benefits of these mushrooms and it's great for brain health so I feel like it's a plus for my breastfeeding daughter .

    by Tigertails, February 12, 2020


    Fraudulent! Just a bunch of cocoa powder!

    Do not buy this crap! This claims to have Lions Mane but it’s obviously cocoa powder, I can smell and taste it! Misleading, mislabeled and fraudulent!

    by Aleksandrina M., January 13, 2021


    Extra Energy & Focus

    This has been one of the best Nootropic supplements I have found for more energy. After just 2 days, I already noticed a different in my energy levels, and I was able to stay more focused on my school work. I would take one in the morning, and then one around the late afternoon to keep me going. I am going to have to reorder these very soon.

    by SamanthaD, February 6, 2020


    con potencial

    El primero efecto que note a las primeras 2 capsulas diarias fue en minutos capacidad de atencion mejorada, disminuyo la fatiga o pereza, el cerebro se sintio mas enfocado, aunque no te da mas capacidad para realizar destrezas , tampoco mejor memoria, ni destreza para resolver problemas, solo ayuda a cursar el diario sin estar tan fatigado.

    by Daniel Alejandro Gonzalez Aldape, July 26, 2021

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