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Creative QT - SlideAway Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat – Tidy with Ease, Organize Small Toys, Building Bricks, Action Figures – Large Drawstring Foldaway Play Surface - 12”x15” - Grey Stripe

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 37.475

  • ALL-IN-ONE PLAY SOLUTION – This compact toy basket helps you effortlessly clean up and store your kids’ collection of building bricks and other small toys in seconds. Simply spread out the mat for play, then pull the drawstring handles when finished
  • TIDY IN A FLASH - Let your kids spill, scatter, and build - cleanup is a breeze! This combo storage basket with integrated playmat makes it easy to spread out at playtime and quickly tidy up when done. No more picking up toys by the handful
  • PLENTY OF ROOM TO PLAY - Our 52” play mat with 3” lip is big enough for young builders to spread out their bricks or toys without making a mess. The 12" tall, 15" diameter basket holds up to 9 lbs of toys! Keep playroom clutter under control
  • MADE TO LAST – Our sturdy SlideAway toy storage basket, sorting mat, and heavy-duty handles are made to withstand plenty of use and keep your house clean. Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • TRUST THE ORIGINAL - Creative QT is the original developer of the patent-pending SlideAway Basket with matching lid. Our commitment to premium quality and customer satisfaction makes our products the best value for your dollar

  • The SlideAway Collection from Creative QT is revolutionary toy storage at its finest. Featuring a built-in play mat that doubles as a play area for sorting toys and ‘toy slide’ in and out of the basket … simply Tip, Play, then SlideAway.

    Perfect for storing building bricks, magnetic building toys, dress up dolls, toy cars and more. You won’t even have time to sing the cleanup song, the patent-pending SlideAway makes cleaning up a five-second job. Little ones love having an identified play space…parents love having everything contained and cleanup as easy as SlideAway!

    Featuring two options, the SlideAway Basket and the Mini SlideAway, style meets unparalleled functionality in the SlideAway Collection.

    The SlideAway Basket is perfect for what spreads across the floor each day, and the Mini SlideAway for tabletop play.


    Customer Review


    BUY IT

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Yeah, I know its not cheap but its definitely worth it IMO! It doesnt take up much space and makes clean up a BREEZE! The mat is big enough for the kids to keep their toys on there and still have room to play.

    by T. Brown, January 3, 2020


    Great for legos and small toys

    I really like this for my kids duplo legos but I think it could be used for a lot more than that. I want to get one for my kids train track. The fabric part is really large and would fit the track on it. I found the clean up is extremely easy just as in the video all you do is lift up the fabric and it all goes in the bin. An added bonus, my 2 year old can dump over the bin and it stays on the fabric part.I also would like to add that I like the fabric on the outside of the bin it looks durable and good quality.

    by KFundy, December 17, 2019


    Not worth the $$

    I purchased two of these for my daughter's 7th birthday. I've purchased a lot of items from Amazon and I must say, overall, I'm satisfied with the product descriptions, quality, and value. These bins would not fit into that category of feeling like I've purchased something of good value. The idea and design behind this product is solid. The quality of the product itself is worth $20. I cannot believe I paid $65 per item. I feel foolish. $65 for cheap foam that is creased and doesn't stand up or look at all like the photos. Does it hold toys? Yes. I didn't unpackaged them until my daughter opened them, otherwise I would've requested a return. It's such a cheap product for the money. No justification whatsoever for this price point. $130 for two flimsy toy storage bins. wowza. Ya win some, ya lose some. Do not buy this product or look elsewhere for a different seller.

    by Tiffany B., June 19, 2020


    The Perfect Lego Solution

    Never have I ever written a review for a product.....until now. Yes, this thing is pricey....minus one star for that.....BUT OMG!! Do you know how many different "solutions" I've tried for my sons ever growing collection of Lego's???? We've been through color coded drawers, a play table, soo many different buckets, another cinch play mat type thing, just tons of different things. This is where that ends. This thing is freaking amazing!! My son is not organized AT ALL. He just can't do it. He loves to take all of his legos from those neatly organized buckets and drawers and just dump them in the middle of his bedroom floor and then scatter them all over the place. He can do that with this without the mess! No more whining and crying because of all the effort it takes to pick up every little piece and put it where it's supposed to go. This thing is soo simple for him to use and the mat is big enough for him to enjoy dumping all of his legos onto it. Clean up takes no effort at all. Buy it, you know you want to!

    by Ashley Brewer, January 22, 2020


    Better suited for very small items

    The idea is great, the design is good, and the price is much too high. I was really excited about getting these so I could clean out my grandsons toys and have a smaller storage footprint. This product doesn’t have near the capacity as that shown in the picture, even when taking into consideration small Hot Wheels and normal size legos pieces. In the end, I was able to separate those from some of the larger items and eliminated a plastic bin. I now have two of these toy storage baskets which take up a bit less space and are easier to move from a closet to the family room. I had no illusions about the toys staying on the play mat and saw that feature as a way to coral the toys in the vicinity of the basket for easier cleanup. I wouldn’t purchase these again for half the price.

    by Holly, January 20, 2020


    Not worth $50!

    I ordered two of these lego bin products.Creative QT Slide for $50 and a generic one for $30. Here is my comparison review. Spoiler, I'm sending both back.Pros of the Creative QTThe construction and materials used is far superior to thr generic.The play mat material feels like a better quality and not crunchy and cheap like the generic.Handles to scoop up the mat appear to be well made.The edges of the mat are thicker than the generic.Cons:I was sent the wrong color. I ordered grey and was sent beige.The play mat is MUCH smaller than they advertise. The generic one offers a bigger play area.The outside feels like it would be hard to clean.In short, I like the quality of the Creative QT but I don't love the play mat size and that I can't clean the outside. I like the size of the mat of the generic but dislike the quality of the materials used. Seems like these products need a little bit more development.

    by Joel F., January 17, 2021


    Doesn’t work

    Paid a premium for this product over the several others that are up to half the price specifically due to the “3 inch lip” that they market as “keeping toys in.” You’re led to believe the lip either pops up or is otherwise sturdy enough to stand upright. This is totally false. The “lip” simply lays flat. No different then the $30-40 competition. Just clever (read deceptive) advertising on the part of the seller. Save your money and just buy two of the competition’s product.

    by Amir Amiri, July 8, 2020


    great design

    Love this for legos. Only suggestion would be a elastic loop on the lid for a button on the box, just to keep lid in place. Which i am going to sew on myself. Good job Guys! great product, well worth the price. I am going to purchase another one because after 5 boys there are a ton of legos in our home. By the way, I had their legos organized in storage containers by shape and they still were a mess after a while. This has been much easier especially for group participation.

    by rachelle, January 24, 2020


    Game Changer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Don’t think about it, don’t look for cheaper options, just buy it. This thing’s a game changer.

    by Rob Cote, January 27, 2021


    Je le recommande

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Agréablement surprise de sa capacité de rangement. Les matériaux utilisés semble solides. La toile de glissement pour ranger les blocs remplis très bien sa fonction. Je recommande cet achat!

    by Marie, February 12, 2021


    Amazing invention

    Love it!!! This is a brilliant invention.Just wish the top would sit on a little deeper but I’m not worried pieces will fall out because there’s a zipper.Thank you for saving my family hours of clean up time!

    by Amazon Customer, April 16, 2021


    Sturdy , easy to use & looks great

    My son loves his new Lego storage bin . Easy to dump , play , sort & clean up . Looks great with any home decor as well & easy to carry from spot to spot. Great fabric & sturdy handles .We love it :)

    by jim bob, January 12, 2021


    Perfect solution

    It's only been a few weeks, but so far it's been the perfect solution to store and build Lego.Cannot confirm durability yet as it's a little early for that, but so far so good.

    by AK, January 23, 2021

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