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CERAGEM MASTER-M3500 New Personal Multi-Functional Massager

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BHD 4793.992

CERAGEM MASTER-M3500 Personal Multi-Functional Massager combining the function of massage, correction of the spine and acupressure, using long-wave infrared radiation and the function of the moxibustion. Carbon-fibre panels, inner jade rollers and projectors with jade are source of bioenergetic rays. The device unlocks the energy channels of the person and relaxes the muscles around the spine, improving blood circulation with the help of an internal spotlight moving along the trunk. METHODS OF CERAGEM MASTER CGM-M3500 Massage relaxes the muscles and tendons around the vertebrae, reducing pressure on the spine and unblocking the nerves and straighten the vertebrae. The massage also stretches the spine to reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs. The effect of Moxibustion (or Cauterization) is one of the treatments used in Eastern ine, it has been studied in detail and developed. Moxibustion works on the principle of thermal stimulation and causes a physical reaction favorable for health. The effect of Infrared Heating by means of jade rollers is the most important element of the Ceragem. Jade is a semi-precious stone used for centuries in Eastern ine to stimulate our energy. Stimulation of the nervous system. The nervous system is relaxed by pressing on the spine. Stimulation of the circulation system. Stimulation of blood circulation through the effects of MOX moxibustion and infrared radiation. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model: CGM-M3500 / CERAGEM Voltage: 110~240V, 50~60Hz Power consumption: Max 280V Jade ball with adjustable temperature 30°C ~ 60°C Dimensions: Main mat: 1210mm X 630mm X 150mm Additional mat: 770mm X 540mm X 120mm Frame: 1260mm X 590mm X 145mm Bed weight : 61 kg The device works only through a Converter with 110 to 220 Volts! Returns are not accepted!


Customer Review


Great service to resolve issue

Service called from Russia a few times to resolve the issue. It is Great. Plus sending me a gift, try to do business well.

by Jung-Lung Shao, August 1, 2020

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