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TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks-Plantar Fasciitis Sock & Foot Support. Achilles Tendonitis Brace & Arch Support for Heel Pain Relief. Injury Recovery & Prevention. Men & Women 1 Pair

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  • COMFORTABLE STRONG COMPRESSION IN A THIN SLEEVE: Our PATENT PENDING Socks are Made with a LIGHT WEIGHT Stretch Fabric Providing Relief from ARTHRITIS, ACHILLES TENDONITIS, SPRAINS, MUSCLE FATIGUE, in a Slim, Breathable, Moisture Wicking Soft Fabric Not At The Expense Of Less Compression.
  • HELPS RELIEVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS PAIN: Helps with STANDING & WALKING Pain. THERAPY Socks Brace the Splint Area to Relieve HEEL & ARCH Pain. Compressing the Ligament EXPEDITING HEALING.
  • THOUGHTFUL FEATURES: GRADUATED COMPRESSION Foot Socks Designed with a Slightly FLARED RELAXED TOP for Easy Dressing. ANATOMICALLY CORRECT LEFT and RIGHT FOOT Closed Toe Design without Cushioning Provide Unique SECOND SKIN FIT.
  • SOOTHES TIRED FEET: IMPROVES CIRCULATION, REDUCES INFLAMMATION. Greater ENDURANCE & FASTER Tissue RECOVERY. Running, Crossfit, Basketball, Soccer, Walking, Hiking, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Exercise Gym Workout, Martial Arts, Dance, Cycling or any ATHLETIC Fitness SPORT.
  • YOUR FEET / ANKLES DESERVE TO BE HAPPY >> MEASURE BOTH YOUR SHOE SIZE & ANKLE CIRCUMFERENCE. Refer to SIZE CHART before ORDERING to ensure the BEST FIT. 4 Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge Unisex Mens & Ladies. QUARTER LENGTH socks - 80% DURABLE Nylon & 20% Spandex for tough construction and comfort. 1 Pair

  • TechWare Pro Makers of Quality Supports, Braces and Sleeves

    NEW TechWare Pro Foot Sock For Ankle, Foot and Arch Support, Plantar Fasciitis And More! From the MAKERS of the #1 FOOT SUPPORT ANKLE SLEEVE

    * Comfort and Support In A Thin Design - Sports Activities or Everyday. Anatomical left and right designed socks for Best Fit.

    * Reduces Foot and Ankle Pain - From sprains, fractures, arthritis, swelling, tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and other foot issues to fatigued swollen feet.

    * Faster recovery and quicker healing.

    * Don’t Let Injury Stop You or When You Can’t Stop - When you need to just keep on going and you can’t have foot pain get in the way.

    * Second Skin fit sock can be used alone or with another pair of socks giving you the extra protection that you require to get you through your day or night with less pain.

    More Than a Compression Sock - A Therapy Sock That Allows You to BE ACTIVE - STAY ACTIVE

    * Relief from Planter Fasciitis - The sleeve provides compression on the plantar fasciitis ligament to minimize the inflamed heel pain and throbbing allowing to stand and walk more comfortably.

    * Easy to Put On Design - Our socks are designed with a relaxed, slightly flared top band.

    * Breathable And Moisture Wicking Fabric - Your feet will stay dry during the toughest workouts

    * Easy To Get The Right Fit - Choose from 4 sizes from Small to XLarge. Fits Mens, Ladies and Youth

    TechWare Pro Products - BE ACTIVE - STAY ACTIVE


    TWO MEASUREMENTS - 1) shoe size, 2) ankle circumference. Doing both provides a better process in choosing the correct sleeve size rather than shoe size alone. Fits Mens, Ladies and Youth sizes.


    Our Lightweight Stretch Sock Helps to Provide Relief from ARTHRITIS, ACHILLES TENDONITIS, SPRAINS, MUSCLE FATIGUE or Just To SOOTHE TIRED FEET in a Slim, Breathable, Moisture Wicking Soft Fabric.


    Helps With Standing And Walking Pain. Our Therapy Socks Helps Brace The Splint Area To Relieve Heel And Arch Pain. Compressing The Ligament Will Reduce Inflammation Expediting The Healing Process.


    Our Quarter Socks are made with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.and just the right length to provide great ankle support but still look stylish. Four Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge Unisex Mens And Ladies, 1 Pair.


    Customer Review


    Great quality, a little too tight

    The quality of these socks is pretty impressive. They feel so good on and give your feet a nice compression. Instant foot pain relief! I've had other compression socks and the material they are often made from wears out easily and starts breaking apart. I can tell these are...

    by Ashley Nakajima, November 19, 2018


    Select size based on ankle measurement instead of shoe size

    Be sure to select a size based on your ankle measurement instead of your shoe size if you are looking for ankle compression. In my case I originally selected size medium since I wear men’s size 10 shoes, and while they provided adequate compression for my feet, the ankle...

    by Q, January 19, 2019


    Greatly Reduced Heel Pain

    I purchased these socks for my husband. After wearing them for one day, his heel pain was greatly reduced. He also likes that the toes of the socks are not cut out. He likes them so much that he asked me to buy him another pair.

    by Rebecca Rumsey, December 7, 2018


    I would buy it again

    I am very particular with the socks I choose to wear. I've learned over the years that socks contributed to my comfort or pain during long days on my feet. These TechWare socks are very comfortable. I eventually started using them during my high impact workouts. I got a...

    by H. Pierre, November 22, 2018


    Foot Pain Relief

    Nice fit and good results. I have used these sock braces at intervals and all day long at work which entails at least 8 hours on my feet. I have had my feet operated for plantar fascia releases and I will be purchasing more. Really nice support. I have had other products...

    by Kate T, December 29, 2018


    My conundrum

    Sadly I was not able to try these socks that my brother recommended , because they were not in the box Amazon said they were in. Amazon said they will refund my money after they receive the returned socks. I cannot give any stars on the product I didn't receive but my...

    by Travis, December 28, 2018


    LOVE these socks!

    I have plantar fasciitis, and these truly help. On the days when I have to be on my feet a lot, these have been a life saver. I spend so much time and money on shopping for shoes, and I clearly haven't given enough attention to socks. On a recommendation I purchased these...

    by maryukulele26, November 29, 2018


    Very nice supporting socks.

    I love these socks! I like that they cover the whole foot. They're not too tight so they are great to wear with shoes. The support feels great. I recently broke my foot and these helped my swelling to go down. My foot feels very secure and comfortable even when I'm not...

    by Gilbert Escobar, December 19, 2018

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