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Baby Bottle Labels, Tinabless Write-On, Self-Laminating, Daycare Waterproof Labels (Pack of 160)

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  • FOR DAYCARE - The baby daycare setting require parents to identify their children's belongings. You are likely already well aware that it can be a pain keeping bottles organized. Our Tinabless bottle labels will help you.
  • 100% BABY SAFE - These waterproof labels are BPA, latex, lead and phthalate free as well as dishwasher-safe (top rack recommended), microwave-safe, baby-bottle-warmer-safe and freezer-safe.
  • MUTIFUNCTIONAL - Writing Names and More! You can not only write your kiddo's name, feeding time or day of the week on the labels for identification, but also organize baby food, date your breast milk, and mark allergy alerts!
  • CONVENIENT - Durable labels stay in place over time without peeling and are removable without leaving a sticky residue behind.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you feel that these kids labels didn’t live up to your expectations, let us know and we promise a 100% money back guarantee.


These waterproof labels are BPA, latex, lead and phthalate free as well as

dishwasher-safe (top rack recommended), microwave-safe, baby-bottle-warmer-safe, freezer-safe.


The baby daycare setting require parents to identify their children's belongings.These bottle labels will help you keeping bottles organized.


The Cutest Cartoon Themes. Featuring various lovely kid-friendly cartoon motifs and super fun colors, both boys and girls will like it.


  1. Write your child's name with a ballpoint pen or felt tip marker onto the label area.
  2. Seal by peeling off the backing from the overlay flap and press over your writing to seal.
  3. Stick on to your baby bottles and other items while they are clean and dry.


Use our bottle labels for children and older kids and teens as well.

Eating utensils, toys, pens, pencils, markers, eyeglasses, sunglasses, school items and camp stuff!


Customer Review


Very durable product

I used the labels on all of my bottles and food containers for daycare. The labels have held up for over a year with only some slight peeling of the edges on a few. I mostly hand washed items, but a few times the items were put in dishwasher and the heat did not cause any...

by Mark D Smith, June 10, 2019


If you have a toddler, don’t buy this!

I bought a different brand in the past and though this one was gonna be as good as the other I had but, it’s not. My toddler easily take them out. I have to put a new one every couple days, which didn’t happen with other kind I bought in the past. If you have a toddler, pay...

by Catalina, November 21, 2018


Much Needed Concept

I overheard other mom's talking about these labels at Preschool. Some types of water bottles are so popular, it leaves me guessing is that my daughter's water bottle or not when one is left behind at school. Sometimes I would let my daughter place a sticker on her water...

by CK, March 9, 2018


They are Ok

These labels get the job done but I am not crazy impressed with the product. It washes well with soap and water however the plastic covering comes off sometimes; the plastic sticks out on some of his bottles as well. Some lay nicely on the curve of a bottle while others...

by Denesia, October 3, 2018


Very small. Not as pictured.

The labels are a lot smaller than pictured. Good concept but you have to write so small on them and for those who maybe can’t see a size 8 pt don’t or smaller... it’s not great. We were previously using sharpies on the bottles and cups and it would wash off in the...

by rachel, April 23, 2019


Pretty Great, Easy To Use!

Easy enough to use, sticks well but at times it's hard to get all the air bubbles out or to get it to lay completely flat. This doesn't impact it's ability to adhere and stay put. After a while the ink inside runs a bit from water getting in but so far they have remained...

by MommaBear00, October 29, 2018


They are just as described

These are fantastic! They are durable, easy to use, & cute. I have had them on my bottles for almost 2 months & not a single one has started to peel or show signs of wear. They were easy to use: pull back the plastic, write the name, pull off the sticky protector,...

by Amazon Customer, November 26, 2018


Great labels for food containers and bottles

This is the first time I have bought labels for my kids' food containers so I was a little worried about the durability. After a month of continuous use and almost daily going through the dishwasher they are still holding perfectly! And I have plenty of them for replacing...

by Amazon Customer, April 5, 2019

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