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SEASUM Women's High Waist Yoga Pants Tummy Control Slimming Booty Leggings Workout Running Butt Lift Tights

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BHD 221.384

  • ❤Brazilian Booty Enhance-Sexy butt lift push up high waisted leggings for women, lifting yoga pants,anticellulite leggings,Textured Activewear ; gym shapewear tights, workout running pants, skinny pants booty scrunch leggings. cheeky buttocks, hips lifting athletic lined versital pants for ladies.
  • ❤Non-cellulite-Polyester&spandext,textured fabric that covers all flaws.Brazilian Boost leggings are crafted with Non-cellulite material,making your cellulite appear non-existent while lifting your booty!Perfect fit and extremely flattering.Quick drying, moisture wicking, Super stretchy and very comfortable and soft like you wouldn't believe!These leggings do it all for you. It gives your butt a streamlined look like a Juicy peach; Plus a butt lifting feature for a natural looking back.
  • ❤Multi Colors&Styles-This textured series offer Bubble textured,Net textured,Ribbed textured, geometric diamond textured,3D zebra textured,Bubble Capris and even Bubble Matching Top at final options.Eyecatching everywhere,You just need this outfit!!!
  • ❤Setting & Occasions - It provides lightweight comfort along with sweat absorption and moisture wicking capabilities. It is designed to improve the female yoga fitness experience. Yoga leggings can be used in the gym Pilates studio, outdoor sports and daily leisure places, Shift from casual to dressy in minutes. Highlight your favorite accessories and heels, can be used throughout the year.
  • ❤Size notice - Our size is different from amazon's. Please kindly refer to the size chart showed in the image or just leave your Q&A on this page.Kindly other customer will answer your questions without doubt.To keep it simple, there’s only one free size to remember and it just fits – perfectly

  • Womens High Waisted Yoga Pants Scrunched Booty Leggings Workout Running Butt Lift Textured Tights

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    What if there was a magical way to make your backside look bangin’ without doing a single squat? Well, it's possible, ladies. Just jump into a pair of butt-sculpting leggings: You'll have a juicy peach-emoji booty instantly. Seriously. SEASUM bubble butt leggings are taking things to the next level by strategically placing seams, colors, and lifting materials in all the right areas.

    SEASUM textured bubble leggings will be a boost of confidence at any given day. Whether you're in the comfort of your own home, out for a jog, or running errands, leggings are a simple outfit solution that literally never fails.

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    Customer Review


    These Leggings are Hit or Miss

    I am 5'3", 116 pounds, with 27" waist and 36.5" hips, I bought a size small in the colors Navy Blue, Tiffany Blue, and Grey Capris, and these are my personal observations.Length: The normal length leggings are pretty long on me, there's a lot of extra fabric and it bunches up at the ankles, however the capris fit perfectly.Waits Band: They are pretty big as well as VERY high waisted; stretchy and pretty comfortable.Tummy Control: There is little to NO tummy control on these leggings, its apparent on the navy blue pictures I have posted.Butt scrunch: Personally I find it flattering, but it's definitely not the best sewn scrunch in the world. It gets the job doneTexture: These ARE NOT dry fit leggings, however, they are very soft.Thickness: These leggings are pretty thin. The navy blue hid my underwear, no matter what I wore, but in lighter colors like the tiffany blue and grey, you could see them (however not visible on the camera, it is noticeable in person). I also posted a picture of my knees when sitting down and you can clearly see through the leggings, and those were the darkest color i purchased.Crotch Gusset: There is a crotch gussetSquat Test: NOT SQUAT PROOF. I don't care how many people say they are, THEY ARE NOT. DO NOT buy these leggings for the gym, if you want these, use them as casual/comfy wear.Sewing quality: REALLY HIT OR MISS, the Tiffany Blue pair came in HORRIBLE shape (see pictures). A hole appeared in less than three hours of wear, several lose threads, and loose fibers. However, the grey and navy blue pairs had no issues. BUYER BEWARE.Conclusion: I like how these leggings make my butt look as well as the fact that they are very soft and comfortable, but there are may flaws and inconsistencies with the quality. I returned the Tiffany Blue, but kept the Grey and Navy. These ARE NOT WORK OUT LEGGINGS. Only buy these if you want to use these for CASUAL wear.-Hope this helps :)

    by Amazon Reviewer 890, May 22, 2019


    Girl order them NOW!!!

    Girl if you're looking at these leggings, just do yourself a favor and get them! They have me looking SNATCHED!!! You hear me? If you order your ACTUAL CORRECT size, they will fit nice and pass the squat test so no undies will show thru them. If you wanna squeeze into a size you got no business being in, don't try to squat or bend over in these because it will be see thru ish. I am 5'7 and 194 lbs on a good day, I ordered the XL. Now stop reading these comments and go get you a pair or 7 like I did sis 😉

    by DLang, November 19, 2020


    Was Planning on Giving a Glowing Review

    Recieved these on time, were so comfortable, fit great, and I wore them the day after I got them all day. I loved these, I didn't even have to worry about pantry lines showing through or the waistband giving me a muffin top. But after wearing these all day, just doing regular day to day things, and then sitting on my couch watching a show, I took these leggings off and discovered multiple holes had formed around the "scrunch butt" seam just from me sitting. I was hoping these could be a staple for workouts and more, but there is no way they would hold up to any exercise if the seams are that fragile. Incredibly disappointed and had to throw these away after just one use...

    by Anon, September 27, 2018


    I love em! And so does my husband ;-)

    I am a fairly thick woman, 5 ft, 175 lbs, usually a size large in leggings. I didnt want to risk them needing to stretch too much because I didn't want them to become see through, so I ordered up a size as other reviewers suggested and they fit perfectly. They are even squat proof! (I tested it in a bright bathroom, so believe me, as long as you order the right size and they aren't too small and stretched to the max, they are NOT see through!The honeycomb texture of these leggings completely conceals any dimples or cellulite. The waistband is pretty high so any tummy is sucked in, which is critical for me, as I just had a baby 3 months ago. I am been blessed with a pretty good butt, but these give it an extra oomph. I just put them on for the first time and my husband came in and made a point to say how amazing my "assets " look! I was standing in front the mirror in the bathroom, and I even caught him in the reflection continueing to stare lol!My only complaint is that they are pretty long. I am very short and normally have bunching at the ankles with most leggings, but I have more bunching than usual with these.Even so its not enough to take away how pleased I am with these leggings. I'll be washing them in the delicate cycle to ensure they don't get ruined, so hopefully they hold up! I'll likely had to get another pair since I like them so much.

    by BabyChickenMamaDrama, October 8, 2018


    Do NOT Buy.

    Ok....... if your a thick girl with a huge butt and the accommodating love handles to go with it...... do NOT buy these. There is ZERO tummy control and any female who says that there is doesn’t have a stomach that actually needs “tummy control” They are super stretchy and comfy but they are see through in the sunlight. It was a waste of money for me honestly. As you can see in my first picture my stomach is BULGING. Where is the tummy control guys? Smh horrible advertising.

    by Sarah, July 8, 2020


    Great leggings !

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  In love ! I’m surprised with the quality of this leggings. Squat proof 👌confortable and the color is accurate to the picture . I’m 5”0 124 pounds . I ordered a size small . Fits perfect . I highly recommend this leggings ! I’m thankful

    by Yvonne, November 6, 2018


    I love it❣️ I am 5 foot 7 weigh 210 lbs ...

    I love it❣️ I am 5 foot 7 weigh 210 lbs and I order a large and it fits just right! I ordered an extra large from another vendor and that fits just right as well, but of course the large has a tighter fit. so I figured you have to go with your waist size or closest to it... to get the right fit.

    by Lilac, August 24, 2018


    Just literally took them outta the bag, looked at ...

    Just literally took them outta the bag, looked at the rouching inside, tugges on it a little.. and it tears! And the pants are black..the elastic rouch is white..u can totally see through it! 🙄☹😔

    by carlan ramirez, September 5, 2018



    Makes my wife’s bum look amazing!....not that it doesn’t normally....if she’s reading this.Uh....I mean, these accentuate her curves much better than normal yoga pants.....yeah that sounds better.....right?Really unique, cool texture too.Normally she hates the clothes I buy for her but she told me to get more of these, so....I’m gonna stop writing now.

    by PDS, June 2, 2019


    Fast delivery.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Delivering in 3 days,Calgary.fit perfect look exactly like pics,love it. I'm 5,2 ft 1,55 meters weight 55 kilos. See through a little bit. Size M

    by Any, April 17, 2019


    Not terrible

    It does not shape or lift my bum not sure I recommend these they do feel comfortable though

    by William McAlpine, March 22, 2021



    These are the best leggings I’ve ever bought. Seriously. I’m 5’5” tall, 125lb, with the belly that held 4 babies, 28” waist, 36” hip. I got a Medium. It’s painful to follow an online size chart because you never EVER know how that will work out. But, it worked out perfectly for me.The waistband does not cause muffin top. Despite that fact that it does have a skinny elastic at the top of the waistband, the whole wide waistband part is supportive (not like shapewear firm but, comfortable and doesn’t cut in). I’m super fussy about pants not causing my lower belly bulge to bulge even more. These pants make me feel supported and holy bum!!!My husband rarely compliments me on new clothes because (I think) he thinks I waste money on too much clothes, buy, he complimented these pants like 6 times in one evening (😍😍😍😍).... he kept touching my butt and even happily helped me choose another colour to order. I’m going to take a chance on a bright pair next time and if they are too flashy to ware on my exciting grocery excursions, I’ll be wearing them while cooking bacon for my man.The fabric is not see through because it’s so scrunchy. If you stretch it out it’s like a thick nylons material but, again, because of the scrunch you can’t even squat a peek of your undies (at least not with the size I got - maybe if they were way too small they’ed be awesome through).Buy these.

    by Amazon Customer, October 30, 2019



    This product it pure garbage!! That would be the best and only word to use to describe this! They are exstreamly long, I mean I am short but this is ridiculous. Also the bum scrunch has some kind of fishing line as the thread, holding the really crapy elastic and to make it all even better there is a hole where they didnt quite managed to connect the top band to the bottoms and even better the scrunch sits so high up on your back it dose nothing for your bum and gives you the worst camal toe. My opinion DO NOT buy these! Buyer beware!

    by Amanda Lavoie, April 9, 2019

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