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Yolele Premium Prewashed Fonio Ancient African Grain Alkaline Diet Super Food Vegan High Protein Gluten Free Fast Cooking 22 Servings (2.25 lb)

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  • INCLUDES: 100% Gluten Free Ancient African Supergrain Fonio That’s Great For You Others And The Planet From Its True Roots. Fonio Is Super Healthy This Ancient Grain Is Naturally Gluten-Free And Packed With Protein Fiber And Iron. Fonio Also Has A Low Glycemic Index Making It A Great Option For Diabetics. It Is Also High In Essential Amino Acids Methionine And Cysteine That Are Deficient In Most Other Cereal Grains.
  • THE SEED OF THE UNIVERSE: Fonio Which Contains The Essential Amino Acids Methionine And Cysteine Is A Delicious Nutritious Nutty And Easily Digestible Grain It Is Equivalent To Whole Wheat Oats Grain Considered As One Of The Worlds Most Nutritious Super Foods That Works For Your Health And As Low Carb Mix Meal Replacement Option With Great Flavor.
  • YOLÉLÉ: Our Purpose Is To Create Opportunity In Rural West Africa One Of The World's Most Vulnerable Regions. When You Buy Fonio You're Helping. Transforming Communities In Africa: Yolélé Is Purpose Driven Food Company Creating Healthy And Prosperous Communities In Africa And Around The World. We Form Fair-trade Partnerships With Farms In Rural West Africa To Source Our Premium Quality Fonio.
  • SERVING: Serve Like Rice. Cooks Like Couscous. It's Great When Tossed With Chopped Fruit Grape Tomatoes Herbs Citrus Olive Oil And A Little Minced Onion. Versatile In The Kitchen: Fonio Is Really Fun And Easy To Use In The Kitchen. It Will Substitute For Your Favorite Rice Farro Sprouted Quinoa Amaranth Barley Millet Or Couscous Recipes.
  • FONIO: Yolélé Fonio Is Pre Cooked And Pre Washed To Guarantee Light And Fluffy Couscous Like Results. The Recipes Below Are All Geared To Work Well With Yolélé Fonio. Results With Other Fonio May Not Be The Same. Highest Quality 100 % Glutenfree Fonio Available: Our Premium Raw Fonio Is Pre Washed And Pre Cooked So You Can Simply Add Hot Water And Enjoy In Just 5 Minutes!

Our Purpose

Most people in West Africa rely on farming to survive, but they don’t have access to markets. In West African villages, you often see women by the side of the road hoping to sell their day’s harvest, but not enough customers to make a living. These farming communities face extreme poverty and a challenging path towards economic security.

At Yolélé, we’re connecting smallholder farmers—mainly women—with local and global markets so they can support themselves from agriculture while increasing food sovereignty in the region.

“As in many cultures, food in Senegal is never only to nourish the body: it’s an act of sharing, of showing your love toward others, and bringing people together.” – Pierre Thiam.

Yolélé was founded in 2017 to create economic opportunity for smallholder farming communities; to support biodiverse, regenerative, and resilient food systems; and to share Africa’s ingredients and cuisines with the world.

“Sharing culture through food has always been my driving passion, and Yolélé was created in that spirit.”— Pierre Thiam

The Ancient West African Grain - Cooks in 5 minutes!

Grown and revered across West Africa for over 5,000 years, fonio is gluten-free, nutritionally dense, rich in important minerals and amino acids, and has a low glycemic index.

It’s light + fluffy and has a nutty, earthy taste. Fonio goes with just about anything and soaks up spices + sauces beautifully. Cook it just like couscous and it’s perfect in salads, grain bowls, tabouleh, hot sides, and more. Fonio also makes a delicious hot cereal, veggie burger, stuffing, and gluten-free baking ingredient.

To the Dogon people of Mali, fonio is known as “the Seed of the Universe,” …the grain at the root of all existence.


Fonio is light + fluffy, and has a slightly nutty, earthy flavor. It soaks up spices and sauces beautifully, making it a perfect base to just about anything.


Fonio has been a treasured source of nutrition across West Africa for generations. It's prized by pregnant + nursing mothers and often fed as a first solid food to babies.

Delicious Creations

We love this combination of crunchy vegetables, herbs and sweet-spicy-tangy sauce with fonio. Recipe below, but feel free to add your own spin: adjust the sauce ingredients to taste, swap out veggies depending on what you have on hand or what looks good in the market!



Fonio is a source of complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and sustain the body with energy throughout the day. It is low-glycemic, making fonio a perfect alternative to white rice, pasta, or couscous for those watching their blood sugar levels.

Fonio is a gluten-free ancient African grain that’s good for you, for others, and the planet.


One of Senegal’s most popular dishes, Yassa chicken is made with caramelized onions, lime, and chili. Inspired by that dish, our Yassa! Fonio Pilaf offers the comforting, earthy flavors of caramelized onions, smoky chili pepper heat, and brightness from the lime. It makes a great base to any meal.




Jollof rice is probably West Africa’s most famous and most hotly contested recipe. It’s a rich, savory one-pot rice dish made with tomato, onion, bell pepper, and hot chilis, served with braised meat or fish. Each country in West Africa claims their version to be the best jollof, inspiring delicious and fun-filled “jollof wars.” No matter where you’re from, jollof is a party dish.



Greens of all kinds are beloved across West Africa and featured in many signature dishes in the region. Our Greens! Fonio Pilaf pays homage to those dishes and features nutrient-dense moringa, the leaves of a drought-resistant tree grown across West Africa. With a bright, savory blend of spinach, leek, and parsley, this Fonio Pilaf makes you want to eat your Greens!



Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is a multicultural crossroads that has always welcomed immigrants and adopted culinary traditions and ingredients from afar. That includes curry! The Senegalese take is mild with an emphasis on warm turmeric, and our Dakar Curry Fonio Pilaf is punctuated with sweet currants.



Across West Africa, people love the funk of fermented foods. Dawadawa (AKA iru, netetou, or soumbala) is fermented locust bean––actually the seeds of a pod from a drought-resistant tree. The result? A flavor bomb that packs a nutrient-dense, probiotic punch. It brings a deep umami, satisfying flavor to any dish.

Yolélé is changing conditions for rural West African smallholder farmers. This population is among the world’s most vulnerable. Many young people seeking job opportunities simply leave – often to overcrowded cities where jobs are hard to find or risk their lives on the dangerous path towards Europe.

Simply buying more of West Africa’s oldest cereal grain helps to alleviate extreme poverty, but we’re going a step further to truly unlock opportunity and transform communities in the West African Sahel.


Customer Review


Absolutely Delicious!

I had never tried fonio before so this was my first purchase. Company was great and I received my product quickly. Fonio is delicious, hands down! I can't have gluten and this is a quick alternative to rice, quinoa, etc. It cooks really fast and is very tasty. Fed it...

by Macaron Girl, October 7, 2018


Great for gluten-free diets: can be savory or sweet

I read about fonio in a New York Times article and decided to order some to sample. I made up a small batch this afternoon to taste and found it to have a neutral, slightly nutty flavor. I can imagine this would be great as a hot breakfast cereal: either savory with...

by Joern Kroll, August 12, 2019


Stake and rancid tasting

I will not order this again. It tastes old and rancid like it’s been sitting in the sun and the heat going bad. I had such high hopes. Don’t waste your time in this. Either they are shipping out old stuff or this is how it tastes. The brown teff does not taste like this. I...

by Marie Lockhart, February 9, 2020


Quinoa is still better

I wanted to try fonio given many positive reviews and articles on the internet. Ordered a 2lb bag. Cooked like I would normally cook quinoa but was disappointed with the results: - my bag was stale, the grain had a distinct rancid smell, this is probably due to...

by xilonic, November 3, 2019


Gluten free sub for couscous, too

May take a little longer to cook. The first time i cooked this i followed the package instructions but the liquid wasn’t fully absorbed. Blech! Third time I tried the microwave instructions, but had to cook it another 1.5 minutes to get liquid absorbed. Amazing stuff! I...

by Tabitha R. Teeter, September 18, 2019


Quick & healthy!

Tastes great, very healthy and done in 5 min. I am very satisfied. Price is high though.

by Yanet Leal Concepcion, October 3, 2018


Great experience

Clean, tasty, flavorful. We tried it right away boiling it in some water, adding milk and stirring till cooked. Added sugar to taste, served in little bowls, sprinkled a little crushed cardamom and almonds on top and ate it for desert. The grains stayed discrete without...

by Amazon Customer, March 1, 2020


Super food!

I love this stuff. Very healthy and filling. It definitely is an acquired taste, but once you learn how to prepare it, it’s delicious and a great way to get lots of protein and other nutrients. Not only can it be prepared as a savory dish but as a hot cereal or it can even...

by ciji hughes, April 2, 2019

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