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IDL Packaging 1/2" x .028 x 200' Mini Polyester (PET) Strapping Coil, 760 lbs. Breaking Strength, Black, PET.12.200

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BHD 17.512

  • AAR approved polyester mini strapping (PET) is an excellent choice for a variety of applications: bundling together newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block, wooden boxes, crates, corrugated boxes etc.
  • Plastic mini polyester banding is the most common option in package strapping and is used as a viable alternative to steel in many industries.
  • The 1/2 inch width mini polyester strap is UV resistant and perfect for outdoor uses.
  • Polyester plastic shipping straps with 760 lbs break strength gives similar durability to steel strapping but is safer to use.
  • Manufactured to the tightest industry standards, our mini polyester banding will not rust and saves money. Make sure you use the correct tools with our polyester strapping such as: A tensioner, sealer and strapping seals or a 3-in-1 combination tools (which can perform all operations) like MUL-350 for 5/8 inch polyester strapping or MUL-351 for 1/2 inch polyester strapping.

IDL Packaging 1/2 inch x 0.028 inch Mini Polyester (PET) Strapping 200 foot Length, 760 lbs break strength strapping provides safe shipping for all types of goods on pallets and in boxes, regardless of weight. An ergonomic, strong packaging material, PET is UV resistant and is perfect for outdoor use. Plastic banding also does not rust and is the perfect alternative to steel strapping.

Use plastic shipping straps for heavy loads, where durable and reliable fastening is important: such as chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, brick, stone blocks, small architectural forms, ceramic tiles, paving slabs, etc. Choose our quality polyester banding for safe, secure and dependable storage and shipping.


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