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IDL Packaging 1/2" Closed (Push Type) Seals for Steel Strapping, Box of 1000

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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 02-November to 05-November.
BHD 39.738

  • 1/2 inch wide strapping seals for easy securing of steel strapping.
  • Seals designed for use with all 1/2 inch steel banding.
  • Steel strapping seals work with all strapping sealers/crimpers for 1/2 inch strapping.
  • Box contains 1000 metal strapping seals.
  • Steel strapping clips are part of the IDL Packaging Strapping Kit, which has everything you need to start the strapping process. This includes strapping tensioner, sealer/crimper and steel strapping coil.

The IDL Packaging 1/2 inch Closed (Push Type) Banding Seals for Steel Strapping can be used with all brands of 1/2 inch steel strapping and designed to work with all types and brands of sealers and crimpers for 1/2 inch steel strapping. Make sure your metal strapping stays secure and safe with our quality seals. The IDL Packaging Strapping Kit includes seals and all your steel strapping needs suct as strapping tensioner, sealer and steel strapping coil.


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