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Parker's Semi Slant Safety Razor and 5 Parker Premium Double Edge Razor Blades (Graphite)

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 16.737

  • Provides a close and comfortable shave with less irritation
  • Parker's "semi-slant" design provides for more cutting surface of the blade on each whisker for a more effortless shave
  • This semi-aggressive razor is less aggressive than traditional slant razors yet provides all of the traditional advantages of slant razor shaving
  • Excellent for men with coarse beards
  • 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor blades included

For over 40 years, Parker Safety Razor has engineered the world’s finest shaving gear and classic men’s grooming accessories. We have been a leader in safety razor innovation and design, ensuring that each of our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our strong heritage and quest to deliver exemplary products are reflected in our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction with every item that bears our name.

Nothing Shaves Like a Parker - For over 40 Years Parker Safety Razor has been the obvious choice!

The Parker "Semi-Slant" double edge safety razor has the advantages of a slant bar razor (more cutting surface on each whisker due to the blade angle) without the aggressiveness and dramatic blade exposure associated with other slant razors. This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave.

Parker’s Semi-Slant safety razors are milder than the typical slant, combining the best of a slant razor and a conventional safety razor. Since the blade angle is torqued, this razor cuts the hair at an angle instead of straight on, resulting in a very efficient shave. The Semi-Slants are great for those with thicker, more coarse hair, as well as for wet shavers with sensitive skin. We recommended using very little pressure when shaving with our Semi-Slant for excellent results.

Quality in Every Detail...Every Parker razor is assembled by hand.

Razor Type: Three-Piece Slant Head Safety Razor

Weight: 2.9 oz.

Length: 4 in.

Material: Solid Brass frame with textured electroplated graphite/satin chrome finish for improved grip


Customer Review


Quality Product Sturdily Built

I have an extensive collection of vintage Schicks and Gillettes that all shave very well. I wanted something a little different, but read that the slant razors were pretty aggressive. The semi-slant shaves as well or maybe a little better than my favorite Gillette Super...

by AZ-Shooter, July 27, 2019



I have been wet shaving with DE Safety Razors for just a month now and have been using a 1960 Gillette Flare Tip Superspeed. My First Shave with the Parker Semi-Slant and all I can say is Wow. Used an Astra Platinum Blade and only needed one pass, with a few touch up spots....

by Vinny S., July 7, 2019


Fabulous Shaver

Have been a DE shaver for over a year. I have been using a mild butterfly. Decided to experiment. Couldn't be happier. It shaves exactly as described. I would not recommend for a beginner. Learn to shave with a forgiving razor and experiment with blades. This Parker is...

by HJL, September 3, 2019


Wow, That a smooth shave.

My first ever slant of any type, I am very surprised and happy with the shave. Very close and very smooth cutting no issues at all. My shave consisted of PAA Cube 2.0 pre-shave soap, Stirling Soap Co Sheep, Parker Semi slant, Gillette Nacet blade, West Coast...

by Indiana DIY, September 20, 2019


Get your Parker Slant On!

Just picked up this razor adding to my collection of safety razors and I must say I got my slant on! Was interested in trying a slant and this semi-slant hits the mark. I started out with my standard Gilette Platinum blade to keep everything equal and used my Go-To Proraso...

by JoeM, May 13, 2020


I want a close shave with less irritation

I've tried numerous wet shave razors, 5 blade, 3 blade and a few DE safety razors. I just shaved with the Parker Semi Slant DE razor. It is my favorite so far. It's much smoother and gives a very close shave. I have very sensitive skin, had to shave twice with other DE...

by Zorba, September 23, 2019


Great value for the money

I shaved with this with an Astra SP blade for four shaves. Pleasantly surprised with a 3 pass smooth shave that is not bad almost 24 hours later. It gave nice audible feedback, unlike the Merkur 37C slant, but it felt a little rougher on the face than the 37C - yet I had no...

by Chuck D, February 27, 2020


Great shave

I had heard a lot about the slant heat on a DE razor and wanted to give it a try. The Parker Semi Slant seemed to foot the bill. I mediately tried it out when it arrived and was pleasantly surprised. I got a great shave. I did not have to adjust for the slant, shaved the...

by Valley of the Sun John, July 9, 2020

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