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LOVECO Replacement Parts Kit for iRobot Roomba 675 645 655 671 677 Robotics,6 Filter,8 Side Brush,3 Bristle and Flexible Beater Brush

    • Ratings :
    • 4.7 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 16.828

  • This replacement accessories kit ONLY fit for iRobot Roomba 645 655 675,not for 600 series other models
  • 3 x Bristle and Flexible Beater Brush, 6 x Filter,8 x Side Brush,2 x Brush Cleaning Tool, 3 x Screw,1 x Screw Driver,1 x Filer Cleaning Brush
  • Please check your roomba model and parts before ordering
  • A free filter cleaning brush and screw driver with the purchase,clean the filter and dirty bin easily,replace the side brush easily
  • Please clean the filter after using roomba,replace the brush and filter every 1-2 months to keep the vacuum cleaner working with High-Performance

  • Compatible Models:
    This replenishment accessory kit only fit for iRobot Roomba 645 655 675 robotic cleaner

    Package Include:
    3 x Bristle and Flexible Beater Brush
    6 x Filter
    8 x Side Brush
    1 x Filter Cleaning Brush(This brush could be used to clean the filter and the corner of the cleaner)
    2 x Brush Cleaning Tool
    1 x Screw Driver
    3 x Screw

    What We Want:
    Please just feel free to contact us if you have any problems for the products,we will do the best to offer every client a fantastic shopping experience in our store

    Using Suggestion:
    Please clean the filter frequently,replace the brush and filter every 1-2 months to keep the vacuum cleaner working with High-Performance

    About us:
    Professional home clean accessories supplier,devote to offering the customers excellent quality products

    Kindly Note:
    This accessory kit is replacement accessories,not iRobot Roomba original products,the iRobot Roomba brand name are the registered trademarks of the respective owner,any use of iRobot Roomba brand name,model or part designation for this products is for the purpose of demonstration compatibility


    Customer Review


    Identical to original Roomba accessories

    I was a little apprehensive about buying an “off brand” for my Roomba but I figured I’d give it a shot and I’m so thankful I did. These parts were identical to the Roomba accessories- my husband couldn’t point out which brushes were authentic Roomba. They fit my 675 Roomba perfectly and finished running the Roomba and it cleaned just like it always has. Great value for price!

    by Jshaney, August 26, 2019


    Great Replacement Parts

    I used these replacement parts on my Roomba 675 and they gave it new life. The installation was easy. It is once again happily picking up dog hair and dirt. I highly recommend them.

    by rwh, July 3, 2019


    Not like the stiffer original brush (that picks up everything)

    The bristles on the brush were very soft. It did not pick up anything on the carpet. It seemed to pick up a little dust on the wood floors but when it went onto the carpet it did not pick up anything. The side brush fits fine with the screw that came with the package, not the original screw. It seems to pick up debris well. The filter fits fine. It seems a little different from the original filter, plastic is harder, less flexible. This does not seem to affect the way it cleans. I would give this 5 stars if the bristle brush worked better picking up carpet debris and the bristles were like the original with better stiffer bristles.

    by S. Bellinger, March 22, 2020


    It works

    You get a bunch and that’s nice. The only thing the side brush ( the one that looks like a star) gets stuck on the wheel. Although it’s not a big problem bc it does it job perfectly, I wanted to let you know what bothered me with this product.

    by Alba, September 26, 2019


    iRobot 675

    I didn't want to pay full price ($50) for accessories for my roomba off the iRobot site, and I ran across this bundle. Not only was it half the price, but it also included several more accessories. The brushes seem to fit the 675 series just fine. My only issue is that the the yellow side brush extends out a bit further than the original brush so it clicks when it hits the baseboards but it doesn't seem to get stuck or affect the cleaning. I'm sure I could trim it down if I really wanted to.

    by Katie, August 17, 2020


    Good+ performance for 1/2 the price

    First day of useageI think it's picking up most but not all of the calico cat fur and lab mix shedding (they seem to be going through a bi-annual shedding of some sort).More than 85% as compared to the original brushes.I'd give it an A- or 4(+?) stars on the first pass.This is my first day using these new replacement parts.I think it'll get it all or nearly all of it as it comes back around againEverything fits, including the sideways spinning 'star' brush made of white fibers.Those are a little longer than the original; owing to a few complaints in the ratings, i trimmed them, but probably didn't need to.The rubber rolling thing needed a little extra effort to get in place, but it fit in fine.Same with the Blue framed filter -- only a touch extra effort, but it fit fine.It seems clear they used slightly lower grade foam at the perimeter of this item, but it seemed to snug right in, so i'm sure it's doing it's job. no complaints.overall, this is a very good packet, and a GREAT choice at the price.I REALLY appreciate that this set is REPLETE with multiples of each item, a tiny screwdriver!! for installing the side-spinning brush, and a couple of combs, which are a nice addition.I'm not convinced the combs are doing a great job - they help. But they're a welcome help, do a decent job, and with a little repetition and repeated use, seemed to do what was needed. I may grab an old hair comb to supplement, but, at this price, these are a thoughtful inclusion and I'm glad to use them.I do with the main brush were as stiff as the original, but nearly as good for half the price and MANY additions add-ons mean I am not complaining about the package.4 1/2 stars for quality of brushes and fit6 stars for item count (at this price)6 stars for price considering item count & quality'I wanted to give it 4 1/2 stars overall, wanting to weigh bristle brush most heavily in this ratingbut that's not an optionSo 5 stars it isIf presented with the same choices next time (i.e. this one, Roomba's, and other brands of replacement parts), I will order this set again.

    by Perry, the pretty good reviewer, December 1, 2020


    Great kit

    Worked perfect for Roomba 675.

    by TJ, September 10, 2019


    Not like original, but it works

    I ordered this because getting a new set of brushes from iRobot is about 1/4 the price of the entire vacuum!These work okay. I find that I'm having to clean the brush more often than I used to. It seems to pick up and hold hair and fur rather than sweeping it into the bin. The brush edges frayed a lot after the first use, which is most likely what is causing it to hold onto everything rather than sweeping. The corner brush gets hung up and stops spinning periodically, but it finally releases and starts spinning again. There is a lot of material that gets collected around the ends of the brush and roller, and I mean a lot! I'm picking debris out of them more than I did with the original roller and brush.Overall, these aren't that great but they get the job done. Just expect to have to do a thorough clean after every 1-2 uses if you have pets. I'm not sure I'll buy them again once I've gone through them, the quality just isn't that great.

    by KC, February 23, 2021



    Al modelo de Roomba 645 que tengo le quedaron muy bien, sin problemas y con la calidad esperada, obviamente depende del uso que se le dé pueda variar la duración pero cumplen bien su funcionamiento

    by Rodrigo, August 6, 2021


    Útil para mi Romba!

    Útil para el Romba que tengo!

    by Amante de los jabones artesanales, February 23, 2021



    Good replacements

    by Amazon Customer, July 14, 2021




    by Thomas, September 5, 2021


    Parfait pour IRobot 675

    Arrivé dans les delai prévu et la description était parfait

    by Bob IV, June 15, 2021

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