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Armageddon Sports Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting with Premium Padded Wrist Wraps Support, Perfect for Deadlifting, Pull Up, Bar Workout, Gym, Weightlifting - Improves Grip for Men and Women

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  • Get it to Bahrain by 30-October to 03-November.
BHD 8.053

✔️ THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED! RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! You have probably used wrist wraps or lifting straps before. But have you ever tried using them both? Well, while they are separated maybe it is not going to be really comfortable… but now you can have the best of both worlds! Having them combined into one product, you can fully enjoy it! We always deliver you the EXACTLY THING you need to move on and accomplish something that means a lot to you, like beating your personal record (PR). ✔️ PROVIDED WITH AMAZING COMFORT FOR THE WRIST! Do you know what is the best part? When you lift, there is nothing more important than your comfort and how you feel. It is really easy to distract yourself when you are using some cheap products. They can hurt your skin and cost you time and money… There is NO such a RISK with us! You can now change your lifting game for good! The support you get and the high-quality of the product is wonderful! Forget about the wrist pain or hurting your hands! ✔️EXTREMELY HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS USED! We definitely know what and how to use it to make one of a kind gym equipment. Our weightlifting straps with wrist support have advantages that you can’t get from any other product on the market. With quality stitching, you can be sure that it will last for a long time and it will not let you down! If this is the first time using this type of equipment in your exercises we can tell that you are not going to look for other ones. This is a masterpiece! ✔️ CHALLENGE YOURSELF FOR A BIG CHANGE! We know that you deserve quality, that’s why we can give you the best of us just for you! With this amazing equipment, you can achieve your goals much easier and with ease. The fitness wrist wraps with straps can help you gain more self-esteem and to accomplish something that you want for a long time. Getting a better grip and strong wrists can get you on another level! This combination can give you a good boost in your performance! ✔️ MORE REPS – MORE MUSCLES! Sometimes you run out of power and you make 2 or even 3 reps less than you have to do. Now, using wrist wraps with straps can make you sure that you are completely safe and secure. Within time you will definitely find the strength to do even more reps than you have to. It all leads to bigger and more pumped muscles in your body. The best part is that they take really a tiny bit of space in your gym bag and you can take them whenever you go.

We are a trusted partner in the gym! Working with customers for more than 10 years made us one of the famous manufactures on the market. Having happy and satisfied customers is the main reason for us to do what we do! The great designs and the high quality of our products is the most strict rule we have. We never cheat on that and here come the results! For the time we are in this business we have learned a lot and we are now perfect in every single detail. We know what you need, how to make it work on 100% and how to be comfortable and strong during your workout. You can rely on us to get the most out of your training session! Waste no more time with other products, Armageddon Sports is the thing you need! THEY WILL DO THE JOB YOU NEED! Easily you can increase your endurance and with every other workout, you will be better and better! This your chance now to GROW, don’t waste it! If you want to save time and money and not worry about your gym equipment for a long time, you will surely need us. No matter your age or gender, we always try and give our best to deliver you the finest product and make sure you have the best of the best. The design of weight lifting wrist straps is made to make you feel awesome and different but for the better! STRONG PROTECTION FOR YOUR WRISTS AND HANDS! Durability, quality and secure – that’s what you get from us! Straps for deadlifting with wrist straps are working exactly as designed and specified! No matter your wrist size (small or big) our wraps with straps can fit you for sure. You can make your grip more stable and tight. Without ripping your skin on the hands no more you can take control over your movement and focus on the exercise. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy your workout and make it unforgettable. TAKE THE FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS! Adding the weight wrist wraps into your workout routine will be something you needed a long time ago. You can’t go wrong with Armageddon Sports products! We want to be sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with your purchase and you will always get the best of us. The velcro added to the wrist straps for the gym is durable and will hold tight really good on your wrists. While exercising they won’t move. Remove the stress and the pain of your wrist after heavy workouts. Take care and stay in good shape! You have probably heard that lifting with free weights can get you better results from the machines. This is true. But to start doing it, you will need some help and here we come. With the machines, your movement is fixed and the weight also, you don’t have to balance it. But with barbell or dumbbells, you have the full control of the movement and you have to be more careful because you can hurt yourself. With our wrist wraps with lifting straps, you can be sure that your hands will stay straight and tight – this will reduce the danger of injury. ARMAGEDDON SPORTS IS THE BETTER CHOICE! The lifting wrist wraps are unbreakable and comfortable and there is no chance of hurting your hands with them. If you had a surgery or broken wrist – this is the support you need when lifting. Use it on the bench press, deadlifts, shoulder press, and wherever you want, wrist straps are made for a moment like this! This is the perfect product that will keep your grip and wrists stable and straight! The grip is outstanding! Made only with good materials, they are ultra comfortable to wear and they bring you more power in your hands. EXCELLENT WRIST WRAPS WITH STRAPS! Attaching yourself to any bar, barbell, dumbbell or whatever you want with our workout wraps with straps can give you a strong grip and 0-zero chance of slipping. If you are wondering how will they fit you and are they going to be comfortable, DON’T! We can tell that they will surpass your expectations and you will surely be satisfied with them. You will definitely notice an improvement in your performance after the first 2 or 3 trainings. The straps itself are made with a texture that will hold your grip very well! GET SOMETHING NEW IN YOUR WORKOUT! Finally! Wrist wraps with straps that are made with really good looking design and to last forever! With no more compromising quality or comfort, our gym straps and wraps will make your workout really unforgettable and one of a kind! After heavy lifting, your wrists hurt, right? Now you can avoid that by just using the wraps and bring the best out of you. With a lot of support and the advantage of taking them easy on and off, they are perfect to stop wasting your time with other cheap products. Try them on and focus on your training!


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