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Uni NanoDia Color Mechanical Pencil Leads 0.5mm 7 Color Set, 7 Pack/total 140 Leads

    • Ratings :
    • 4.5 stars
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  • 15-21 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 08-November to 14-November.
BHD 7.394

  • 7 Color Set: Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Mint Blue, Blue, Lavender
  • Approximately 400 million NanoDia are compounded
  • 7 Pack/total 140 Leads Value Set

Uni NanoDia Color Mechanical Pencil Leads 0.5mm 7 Color Set


Customer Review


Great, but not perfect, colored leads at a great price

I really, really like these. They fit perfectly in 4 different .5mm refillable pencils I tried and they lay down pretty smoothly. The packages all came nicely sealed up--you slide the white top to the right to open them, and it breaks the seal. I plan to use these for...

by Thisismyname, July 11, 2019


Love it for Drawing and Watercolors

I haven't gotten through all the colors but so far so good! I saw an illustrator online using colored mechanical pencils and new I needed them! I was using wooden coverage before this and never liked how bulky my drawings turned out. These leads are heaven sent! I love...

by Sami, June 23, 2020


No yellow, not erasable, but good lead to have fun with

I’m giving these three stars, which is pretty good imo. I would probably give them another half star if that were allowed. I subtracted a star because there isn’t a yellow (which I totally didn’t notice when I ordered, but it’s an important color to leave out of the...

by Rae Regenbogen, February 4, 2021


Good color

I looked at several of this type of product and saw various people review that they thought the colors were not very dark/intense, but I'm pretty pleased with how they look. The green, dark blue and purple are dark enough that you could use them for normal writing. The...

by NotHedgehog, December 10, 2018


Needed extra leads for drawings

I bought this pack to try out the different colors and see which ones would suit me the most in my sketches. From my observations: - the orange and yellow are barely visible and not pleasing to me. I doubt I will use these again really. - the red,...

by Jess, September 23, 2020


Great colored leads

I was driving myself crazy using pentel's blue lead which snapped too frequently no matter what I tried (different mechanical pencils, light strokes, not letting out so much lead), so I wanted to try a different brand. Uni's Nanodia lead is so much better! Bought...

by Kaxen, May 26, 2020


Great refills.

I love drawing with colored leads. My favorite color being blue. These were perfect. Although my only problem was that my orange container only came with 3 or so pieces while the others have the correct amount. Im sure it was only an accident. I would definitely recommend...

by Jose, July 11, 2017


Incredible for sketching!

I wholeheartedly enjoy using these lead colors with my pencil. I've began to use the different colors for Base sketches, different layers of clothing, and accessories. Typically only use one lead at a time though, given how often I swap the colors for character designs....

by JD Gonzales, May 26, 2020

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