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Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover ❤️ “SOFT ’n SNUGGLY” Corduroy Kids & Toddlers Prefer Over Canvas - Replace Plush Toy Hammock or Net - Store Blankets & Pillows Too - Large, 4 Colors

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    • 4.7 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 17.656

  • BECAUSE KIDS LOVE SOFT: Kids love our bags because they’re SO MUCH SOFTER and COMFIER than canvas but the corduroy fabric is just as durable! With 4 solid color choices, you’re sure to find one that blends with any room decor. Machine washable for easy care.
  • NO MORE CHAOS: This holder will transform the stuffed animal clutter into functional storage that works just like a bean bag chair - ideal for reading, snuggling, lounging or simply flopping on.
  • LARGE SIZE - We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the huge number of stuffies that actually fit inside this organizer.
  • CONVENIENCE: 20” long zipper makes it easy for your child to access their plush toys and durable handle lets them carry the stuffed bag around.
  • EXTRA STORAGE - Also a perfect organizer to store other soft stuff such as extra pillows, covers, blankets, sleeping bags or even off-season kids clothes in an attractive way that becomes part of the décor. A much better alternative to space saving bags. Makes the perfect Birthday gift for any child, boy or girl.

  • Getting the plush toys out of the way will restore your sanity, while little ones will enjoy having their own special seat with their animal friends close.  Older children who don't play with their stuffed animals anymore (but won't let you get rid of them), will love having them stored in a comfy seat that is both decorative and functional.

    Our STUFFED ANIMAL STORAGE BAGS were designed to offer the same functionality of a bean bag chair and a plush toy storage hammock combined into one!  And they come in 4 fabulous and vibrant solid colors to blend beautifully with any bedroom decor.  

    The corduroy fabric is soft and cuddly so your child will love it and moms will love that they are easy to clean (machine washable).   Pick one up for your child and another for a friend. Makes a fabulous gift!


    Customer Review


    Genius solution for bigger kids who don't need to see their stuffies all the time but are not ready to let go yet

    Just got it so not sure how it will hold up over time, but we STUFFED it and had no trouble with the zipper, seams, or with it holding its shape.Our daughter will be 11 this summer - time to move the baby stuff out. But she has fond memories of so many stuffies - it's hard to just let them go! Instead, we made a deal: anything that fits in this thing can stay. It accommodated A LOT but we still said goodbye to 25 stuffies! In the meantime, she has a massive collection of beanie boos, stuffed animals of all sizes, and even a couple of blankets in there. She feels like she got a new piece of comfy furniture, and ALL that junk is hidden away (or gone). Brilliant!!PS: When you cram a ton of stuff in here, it will be HEAVY! Also, be aware of the shape and what you put where. You want it to be comfortable so sit on so pack it well, and let things settle.

    by emily, March 7, 2018



    I am honestly really impressed with this product. I should have counted the stuffed animals for reference as I squished them in but I can honestly say I had 2 giant rubber maid bins in my 3 year old daughter's closet full of "friends" that she never got to see because it was such a pain to get everyone out (that, plus some radicals that didn't have a home).She takes after me and loves everything to have a place. Clutter is the enemy for both of us and this is the perfect solution. It is stylish, soft, functional, and worth every penny.Hopefully other potential buyers find this helpful because it certainly made our day.

    by Kristine_014, July 7, 2017


    Something every mom deserves to hide the clutter

    My girl friend turned me onto this product. She bought it for her daughters room and I loved how it made the huge amount of stuffies less of an eye sore. Cleaning up visually the look of her room. PLUS she could use it as a couch... which she did. So I purchased mine and let me say I love this product, my daughter loves it, it’s a win win. My daughter uses it to watch tv in her room. And yes, she does pull out her stuffies and plays with them. Out of sight in this case is not out of mind. And it holds a TON of stuffies!

    by Justin, August 29, 2019



    I thought I was going to have to choose only certain stuffed animals to go in here, my daughter has a ridiculous amount but what kid doesn’t these days. The bean bag shell is SOO soft and amazing. It has a handle and I had to add blankets and clothes that she outgrew in order to only get it 3/4 of the way full. In the photos it is not nearly as full as it has the potential to be but it is at a very comfortable point for my daughter to sit on. We put it in the living room, being that we got it today and she wanted to sit on it. She absolutely never falls asleep on our couch, but she freakin fell asleep on this thing today!!!! Amazinggggg

    by Mis, January 2, 2018


    Great quality—soft too!

    Update: the zipper just slid right off. So disappointed....this thing really was a godsend. Had to lower the stars :-(My kid loves this. Stores all her soft stuffies and gives her a special place to relax. The sewing/quality is superb and I love the fabric. Would recommend to any who are sick of eye-sore stuffed animals everywhere!

    by Kristina, April 24, 2018


    Thumbs up.

    Super soft bag holds an amazing amount of stuffed animals - we loaded an entire rolling storage bin of stuffies and still have room. So not only did we get to remove an extra large storage bin from the playroom space, but we also have a squooshy, nice looking "bean" bag that the toddler loves to jump on and the teens can lounge on. This is a total win. Seams and handle seem sturdy, fabric is soft and pretty. And the company is very attentive and customer focused. Very pleased with purchase.

    by J. Lewis, May 1, 2018


    Product is great. It fits all of my daughters stuffed animals ...

    Shipping was fast. Product is great. It fits all of my daughters stuffed animals and dress up clothes and is very comfortable to sit on. It is a great size for a bean bag chair but is easily movable with the handle. I purchased one for myself and one for my sister-in-law and she loved hers as well! This is a great idea for toy storage. The only complaint I would say is the description said if you purchased multiple bean bags you would receive a discount; however, I purchased 2 bags and still paid full price. They were worth the price so I didn't complain to Amazon regarding this wrong advertising.

    by Christina Simpson, January 14, 2018


    Great quality and great for small apartments

    My family lives in a small apartment, so I always cringe when my toddler gets stuffed animals for birthdays and/or holidays. As much as I love the gifts, we don’t have a lot of space. My husband saw this recommended by an RV family that we follow on YouTube and I figured we’d try it. I love it so far. It contains most of the stuff animals and my toddler loves to jump, sit, and generally play with it. If we ever needed a second one in the future, I’d definitely get it.

    by Laura L. Nelson, October 21, 2018

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