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Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Maximum Strength Gel-Patch 6ct (Pack of 2)

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 30-October to 03-November.
BHD 15.538

  • GEL PATCH: Get numbing relief from one of Salonpas' most popular patches. The LIDOCAINE Pain Relieving Gel-Patch uses hydro-gel based technology plus 4% Lidocaine to provide numbing relief.

  • Size:6ct (Pack of 2) Description : Temporary relief of pain for back, neck, shoulders, knees and elbows Desensitize aggravated nerves Apply for up to 8 hours Easy application Individually packed All direction stretchable


    Customer Review


    Good OTC lidocaine patch. Best option for OTC. Offer here is for two retail boxes not one so price reflects that.

    I compared Salon Pas and Aspercreme lidocaine patches. Bought a box or two of each and tried them with prescription patch as controlFor SalonpasPros:- much less expensive than prescription pads- good relief for me over time- don't expect to slap the patch on and have your pain disappear; The patch takes awhile to become effective.- these patches stick almost as well as the prescription patchCons:- these patches do not stay effective as long as prescription patches. I'd say max effect lasts approx 4-6 hours and then diminishes. Generally somewhat longer than the Aspercreme patch in my opinion.- seems like effectiveness varies from person to person. Some get relief from the Lidocaine patch, some do not. I think some of those who claim no relief are actually not realizing they take awhile to become effective, but that's conjecture on my part.- one can make one's back problem worse by numbing it and then sleeping in an awkward position or doing heavy work with a patch in place.Bottom line: for this reviewer, the Salon Pas lidocaine patch offers best value for OTC because it stays on better and lasts somewhat longer than its OTC competitor.One note: Some reviews have indicated these patches are 'way overpriced'. It's possible they aren't reading the description carefully. The price is for TWO retail boxes. It's 2-4 dollars over what I've seen this patch at retail when you take that into account.

    by John B. Richardson, March 12, 2017


    Very good patch...........

    I have used prescription 5% patches for 4 years now, sadly because of a major surgery breakdown of metal inserted in my back. Now, I'm at 4% (trying to downsize) I've found this patch to be an excellent replacement for the 5% patch. Even though I receive botox injections to help in reducing that pain, this patch does complete the cycle needed to get to that overall decrease of pain level to carry on in the day.............BTW, to put a thin piece of clothing over the patch, that help in keeping the patch in place the entire time the patch is adhered to the various parts of the body.

    by Icelady11, March 19, 2017


    I wish I could give these 10 stars!

    These are the best lidocaine patches that are available over the counter! I’ve tried them all.Great alternative to the very overpriced and rarely covered by insurance prescription patches and the strength difference is barely noticeable to me.My quality of life is greatly improved without the side effects of pain medications.

    by Ruby, January 7, 2018


    It works!

    If you have muscle pain this is the cure. I have issues with muscle spasms and this stopped them. My partner was doing PT after shoulder surgery and it really helped with muscle pain.

    by Texan, March 9, 2017


    Great Pain Relief

    My insurance wouldn’t cover the 5% patches ($70 for 10) my orthopedic doctor so I decided to try these. I have severe knee pain and these patches worn with a stretch knee brace work great. I can’t the pain is totally gone but I definitely feel a difference when I don’t wear them. I can’t take nsaids so I was left to topical remedies and out of all the ones I’ve tried, these are the best plus they have no odor.

    by LITTLEONEINCT, July 30, 2018


    Worked great!

    I had prescription lidocaine patches that were 5% but ran out. I was using these on my side for bruised ribs that I sustained during a fall on an icy road. I decided to try these Salonpas 4% lidocaine patches because the pharmacist said they are basically the same thing and he was correct. These patches eased my muscle pain and I was able to sleep and breathe better. They stuck to my side and did not start to roll off until the next afternoon. It says to take them off after 8 hours anyways so it was time to come off. It didn't leave any type of sticky residue. I recommend these patches.

    by Andrea Edwards, January 15, 2021


    Total Waste of $$

    Strained muscles in my back lifting stuff I shouldn't have. Heating pad worked, but I couldn't walk around with it all day.. Salon Pas seemed like the perfect solution. NOT! The patches did nothing. Didn't even stick that well. I'm not sure what kind of pain these would be good for, but it didn't help my back even a little. I couldn't feel anything with it on. I guess I should consider this an expensive lesson.

    by JR, February 25, 2019


    These pads did not stay on me long enough to ...

    These pads did not stay on me long enough to know if they were effective or not. The pads would not stick to my skin. After informing my doctor, he prescribed another type ,flector patch, which stayed put for 12 hours and did not come off until I pulled it off. Salonpas may work on others, but unfortunately, not for me.

    by Dene, May 4, 2017

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