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Valrhona 100% Pure Cocoa Powder (8.8 ounce) (Pack of 2)

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 15-21 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 09-November to 15-November.
BHD 30.675

  • 2 - 8.82 oz containers Valrhona Cocoa Powder
  • 100% Cocoa Powder; Sugar-Free; Kosher certified; Dutch processed
  • Pure, intense cocoa taste; Exceptionally fine powder
  • Ideal for making Hot Chocolate, Truffles, Cakes, and Cookies
  • Expiration and production date on bottom of can. Back of the can explains how to read both

Valrhona 100% Cocoa Powder

A very pure and intense cocoa taste, with a very warm red mahogany color. Valrhona offers you this 100% cocoa sugar-free powder, with exceptional finesse and intense flavor for delicious chocolate drinks or for gourmet recipes.

100% Cocoa Powder 250g - 8.82oz

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Pareve) via K MESHULASH/ TRIANGLE K INC 2019.


250g - 8.82oz

  • Palette of subtle flavors
  • Exceptionally fine powder
  • Sugar-free
  • Very Pure and powerful flavor
  • Ideal for making truffles, mousse and hot chocolate
  • Keep in a dry, cool place at between 60.8/64.4 °F (16/18 °C)


Customer Review


Product was near expiration date.

Valrhona Cacao is a premium product, as its price would suggest ($31.48 for 2 packages-slightly over 1 pound). This cacao was delivered July 9, 2020 . I was very disappointed with the age of the product. The top image shows the bottom of a container, with an “E”...

by Lacrosse Mom, July 11, 2020



Similar experience to a recent review — just received my order (many days later than expected) only to find both containers expire in 7 months. They were originally packed in mid 2018. There’s no feasible way to go through two containers of this before they’ve gone bad, and...

by Amazon Customer, February 24, 2020


Excellent Product

This product smells absolutely wonderful, the baked products turn out looking very dark chocolate brown, and the baked products task super chocolaty. Some reviewers have stated that the product that they received was out of date: not so with the ones we received. On the...

by Kindle Customer, February 4, 2019


Received almost expired product

Just received two packages that’s going to expired in 7 month. The manufacture date is one year and 4 month ago. Really not happy that it can’t be returned.

by Amazon Customer, November 8, 2019


JMHO..... inferior to Hershey's

I've used this in place of Hershey's for 6 months now for baking and hot chocolate drinks. This is a lighter chocolate flavor; I prefer the deeper, stronger chocolate flavor of Hershey's regular and Special Dark. The Valrhona does not mix easily in either hot or cold...

by Kindle Customer, March 8, 2019


Best Dutched cocoa

The package may not say anywhere, but this is a Dutch-processed cocoa powder. As far as I'm concered Valrhona is one of the best you can get. It may be slightly more expensive, but it will taste MUCH better when you are baking. Ingredients matter when you are baking,...

by R is for Rose, August 21, 2019


New favorite cocoa

This is my new favorite cocoa powder, I love it!! Flavor is excellent, I think it's more dark/bitter and robust than Ghirardelli or Dagoba, which are the brands I normally would get at the grocery store. We've used it in all our favorite chocolate recipes and now I really...

by elyse, August 16, 2020


Okay, so I’m a chocolate snob.

If you’re fine with Hershey’s and you want to stay that way, do not by this chocolate. Once you have top-shelf chocolate, there is no going back. Valrhona is some of the best chocolate out there (you might also try Guitard). This stuff will breathe brand new life into your...

by Spurlin, June 24, 2020

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