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Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch for Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee Pain and Muscle Soreness - 8 Hour Pain Relief - 60 Count

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  • 5-9 Days
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BHD 5.964

  • Pain relieving patch: These comfortable, convenient and effective topical pain patches have 3 powerful pain fighters that work at the site of pain; Analgesics include camphor, menthol and methyl salicylate
  • Versatile comfort: With rounded corners and flexible fabric, application is easy and the patches bend with your movements; The patches stay where you need them and are easy to remove.Do not use with a heating pad
  • Targeted relief: Provides temporary relief of pain associated with sore back, neck, wrist, ankle, hip, shoulder, knee and elbow; Help alleviate muscle soreness, backache, joint pain and sprains
  • Long-lasting: For penetrating, mess-free and targeted relief, apply spray or patch to manage pain in specific areas; Salonpas pain relieving patches and sprays offer pain relief for up to 8 hours
  • Soothe your pain: With pain relief patches, sprays, creams, gels and liquids, Salonpas is here to help you get through your day with discreet, easy-to-use, topical pain relief for temporary relief of aches and pains

  • Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches, Pack of 60.


    Customer Review


    A must have for periodic muscle tightness

    These are amazing. I have struggled with trapezius tightness for years. Massage and relaxing help but who has time to be a lady of leisure? The NSAID in this is the bomb. I am a nurse and recommend it to my patients. For those who must avoid NSAIDS, I have verified with the clinical pharmacist at work that microscopic amounts of it are absorbed systemically, allowing for full freedom to use topically. Totally cures the pain. I wear it to bed and wake up a new person. Mild mediciny smell but it’s more like eucalyptus than anything else. Totally tolerable.

    by The Frugal Consumer, December 14, 2017


    They’re are very small!

    Only get if you’re using it for a target area or if you’re ready to do patchwork cause they’re so small. They do work well just disappointed until he size

    by Haylie, July 24, 2019


    Great for sore back

    My girlfriend has big boobs. She uses these at bedtime for her back. They really help her muscles relax and relive the sore stress of dealing with the daily grind of being a woman. I recommend these to anyone who has sore muscles.

    by Amazon Customer, August 30, 2018



    I was trying to find an affordable patch for daily use and wasn’t expecting much from these considering the price and the size. The first thing I noticed is that they smell delicious like wintergreen life savers and they are very sticky, unlike the lidocaine patches. After 10 minutes I had a strong cooling feeling that was surprisingly effective for my shoulder pain. They last 5-6 hours for me and stay in place the whole time, even with my shirt rubbing on my shoulder while walking at work all day.

    by Kelsey, April 16, 2019


    I have arthritis in my hands and these are wonderful. I also found another use for them

    I have arthritis in my hands and these are wonderful. I also found another use for them....I had a couple of mosquito bites on my leg and the itching was driving me crazy.....what did I do??? I applied a patch to each bite and wallah...all was well.

    by Diann Abbott, November 2, 2017


    Absolutely helps my Valley Fever induced joint pain

    I have disseminated Valley Fever that is destroying my joints and caused me intensifying pain daily for 12 years. I absolutely do not take narcotic pain meds - those are for things like surgery, not this even when I can barely move. I've found over the years that using several of these patches in multiple locations is very helpful. The ingredients seep in slowly and bring warmth at the same time and the pain recedes to manageable levels. I've tried some of the generic versions, but Salon Pas is simply the most reliable for real relief.

    by Dogs & Horses, October 10, 2018



    I started searching for LIDOCAINE patches.. this popped up so I assumed it was a LIDCAINE patch, it is NOT. It smells strongly of menthol. The patches are small and they don't stick well at all. You push down on it then have to wash your hands again because your hands have the menthol stuff on it. So beware when searching for something that you end up with that something... going to buy LIDOCAINE patches now that actually stick and don't smell.

    by Amazon Customer, September 4, 2018


    You can get better target areas cutting them patch into long strips

    Patches work very quickly and last a long time. Really does take the pain away! The large patches are really not that large, but will cover a reasonable area. I cut some in half for spot areas. Saves some money.Especially on the knees. You can get better target areas cutting them patch into long strips. Can go from one side to the other of the knee and stay stuck on for a long time.Caution: People with kidney issues need to monitor your creatine blood level. the medication is an NSAID like Advil and effects the kidney. It is my understanding that a patch introduces much less medication into the bloodstream than a pill. Ask your Dr.for guidance in the usage.

    by Gentle Soul, January 13, 2017

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