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Salonpas Pain Relief Patches, 2.83" X 1.81" Speciall Size of 140 Count Total

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  • SALONPAS 140 ct Pain Relieving Patches

SALONPAS 140 ct Pain Relieving Patches


Customer Review


Not happy anymore

II have contacted the company that manufactures the salon pas products. They have changed the actual construction and am not happy about it. I cannot purchase the very large patches anymore which enabled me to use perhaps 2 instead of the 8 that i have to use now.. Also...

by Yvonne M Norton, June 23, 2017


Great for pain!

I have been in 2 auto accidents. Rear- ended, 3 months apart. My husband covers my back, sides,etc. with SalonPas. Yes, they do not last more than 8 hours regarding pain, but it is worth it. They smell, too! If you wish to get rid of the menthol odor, can be...

by Carrie H., March 7, 2020


A pain reliever

I used this item for my arthritis in my back and my hip it did give me a lot of relief I was impressed that patch could do that would recommend and buy again

by Sweet D, August 31, 2018


Pain no More!

If you suffer from sever pain and nothing helps you then you need to try these! These are the next best thing to helping you when you need it the most. Wether it's back pain, neck pain, foot pain, knee pain, this little patch does wonders!

by Super Mom!, May 27, 2019


Not what I expected

I recently just started using the brand Salonpas I have great shoulder pain and need something to help especially at night. I bought and tried the Salonpas Xlarge patches and liked them Although they are difficult to put across one's shoulder doing it alone and looking at...

by Jim M Perry, July 6, 2020


Great product

I love these patches because they are small enough to put in the back of my neck, arch of my feet, my shoulders or any spot on my back or legs and if I need more coverage I put more. They work great in relaxing aching muscles.

by Maki, December 12, 2018


A pain relif

The patch relieves pain at my arm (from the computer). It is not a solution to pain, but a relief. Works for about two hours. Contains substances that are also found in ointments, but are easy to use with adhesive, and do not stain the garment. Excellent...

by One lady, December 23, 2019


Product was exactly as expected

I've used these patches off and on for awhile now for back and hip pain. I feel like they do help with the pain. After using them I'm able to stretch my muscles easier which helps the pain go away for good. The amount that you get with this box is a way better value than...

by georgegirl63, June 20, 2019

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