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Valrhona Chocolate Ivoire 35% Feves - 2 lb

    • Ratings :
    • 4.7 stars
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  • 12-15 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 06-November to 09-November.
BHD 36.478

  • 2 Pound Bag
  • Reveals aromas of warm milk enhanced by delicate vanilla notes
  • White chocolate delicately sugared
  • Valrhona sourcers crisscross the globe to select the finest cacao beans and build lasting relationships with growers

Valrhona has been partner to gourmet flavor artisans since 1922, and they believe that they can imagine, together, the best of chocolate. By joining Valrhona, you become an actor in the responsible development of the world of chocolate and together: They imagine the best in the selection and growing of rare cocoa to promote diversity.They imagine the best in the chocolate manufacturing process and the expansion of the flavor range with their wide variety of couverture chocolate, chocolate bonbons, decorations and gourmet chocolate.They imagine the best to ensure the far-reaching influence of gastronomy thanks to their Ecole and its range of pastry making classes, as well as their major events in the world of Gastronomy.


Customer Review


I am in love with all things Valrhona

White chocolate can be one of those things that people love to hate. In fact, America's Test Kitchen found that people actually prefer the flavor of "fake" white chocolate or those with less cocoa butter. That's fine and good to know but I wanted to roast my white chocolate...

by JwHw, June 17, 2019


For white chocolate it’s unbelievably good

I’m usually not a fan of white chocolate, but after my family finished a different European brand of white chocolate I started to look for another brand. Supermarket white chocolate is usually sweet and has a waxy cloying texture which leaves a layer on your tongue....

by A Customer, October 24, 2020


Tried 5 kinds (now 10) of quality white chocolate and this is still the best.

I once got a catalog for joke stuff, and never forgot the blurb for their highest price rubber chicken. They asked 'you may only buy one rubber chicken in your lifetime so why not have the very best?' The same logic applies to white chocolate. It is very expensive but...

by Lizardhaven, October 24, 2020


Best chocolate

Vahlrona is the only chocolate I'll work with now, even though it's more expensive than some other brands. But let me explain why. I am a confectioner. I made a lot of candy and chocolate. I was using Guittard for some larger orders, since it's not much did in terms of...

by Samantha, November 7, 2016


Mildly sweet, excellently flavored

Best white chocolate I have ever tasted. Far better than Callebaut, which is much too sugary in comparison; or Guittard bulk white chocolate which had a bitter aftertaste to me. I use these in white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies, just for home use. Warning: if you...

by karenbrat1, November 25, 2016


Delicious for snacking or more creative uses

I found out about Valrhona feves when touring a chocolate factory and from now on I will always have a bag on hand! Great for snacking, or sauces, or any more advance chocolatier applications.

by inside the granfalloon, August 4, 2020


I will buy again! Great value!

My package arrived in excellent shape with a very nice costumer satisfaction promise letter. I was really impressed. I love the lovely warm color of this chocolate. It was very easy to chop and I had no problems incorporating it into my recipe. I made a white chocolate...

by BR, February 7, 2021


They pack everything perfectly!!!

The Valhrona quality is indescriptible... everybody knows their products. So this review is not about the product but the shipment. I’m just impressed how good the packed everything. I’m so grateful with them! Thank you very much!

by Global Traveler, September 21, 2018

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