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Teknika MUL-420 Heavy Duty Feed-Wheel Tensioner for Steel Strapping, 1-1/4" Strap Width

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    • 3.3 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 255.367

  • Engineered for extremely high tension
  • Needle bearings for smooth tensioning
  • Effortless pawl release
  • Easy to operate and repair
  • Strap width: 3/4-inches to 1-1/4-inches

Teknika heavy duty feed-wheel tensioner for steel strapping. Engineered for extremely high tension. Needle bearings for smooth tensioning. Effortless pawl release. Easy to operate and repair. Designed for the heaviest steel applications. High quality casting guarantees enhanced durability. Easy access to all wearable parts for maintenance. Strap width: 3/4-inches to 1-1/4-inches. Lifetime availability of parts and service.


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