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Churrera Churro Maker with Hollow Churro Nozzle. 9 Difference Shapes by Bernar Spain

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  • Get it to Bahrain by 30-October to 03-November.
BHD 10.132

  • 9 INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES - with HOLLOW CHURRO NOZZLE. - Our churros maker gun comes with 9 interchangeable nozzles so you can enjoy different ways of making churros. You can make hollow churros and fill them easily.
  • ABS BPA Free - Enjoy your churro maker with total safety, made of high quality materials that guarantee hardness and durability.
  • EASY TO WASH - Our domestic churrera is dishwasher safe. You can also easily wash it with a little warm wáter

  • Do you want to enjoy stuffed churros at home? Bernar churro maker is the only one that includes a special nozzle for making hollow churros. Impress your guests Invite some people? They appreciate the simple pleasure of serving Churros fillings and different shapes uniquely made from scratch! Recipe book Includes original recipe book for Spanish churros. In English and Spanish. A fun activity to try at home Call your little chefs and make it a day for some memorable Churro-making. They're going to enjoy creating unique Churro shapes using the Churrera Churro Maker! Hassle-free The usual piping bags for making Churros can be a bit messy! Good thing the Churrera Churro Maker has detachable parts to make it easier to clean using the dishwasher or by hand wash. It's also made with high-quality plastic so that it's durable even with frequent use. Packaging content: Churro Maker


    Customer Review


    Does what it says, makes perfect churros of various shapes

    Nice and sturdy unit. It’s all plastic, but much sturdier and easier on your hands than a spritzer cookie gun, or especially a piping bag. This particular brand is nice because it comes with the hollow churro mold, so you can easily fill them with caramel or chocolate sauce without having to use a stick and align it perfectly to get a hole down the middle of a regular churro. I don’t recommend the recipe in the booklet that comes with this product.Best results for me have been to add 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 Tbsp sugar, and 2 Tbsp oil into a 2 quart saucepan and bring to a boil. Shut off the heat and add 1 cup flour, and beat with a wooden spoon until smooth (your hands will cramp up by the end). Let cool 5-10 minutes, then beat 1 egg into the dough and beat with a wooden spoon until smooth again. This will give you perfect churros with crispy outside and creamy middles, but no eggy flavor. Frying temp which has worked best for me is between 375-400F depending on the thickness of the churro you make.

    by Tom W-, November 11, 2019


    If you make churros, you will want this. It makes great tasting churros look great too...and easily. I love this thing.

    I was rolling churros I made by hand..they were good, but not fancy. This is a great tool for making professional churros easily and fast. I have used the larger star shaped insert and the one that leaves a tunnel down the middle of me churros. Works awesomely so I am very happy with this device and use it weekly now. One thing I did find is the if you make the churros with cooled/cold dough, it works best to produce churros that hold their shape best during prep when they are all sitting and being handled as they go into the fryer. If the dough is hot/freshly made, then it does not hold it shape quite as well when making a larger number of them. This is just a function of the dough, however, so just cool your dough down for best results. I actually find it's easier to make the dough ahead and then just pull it out of the fridge to make the moulds and then drop them in the fryer....made in no time at all that way.

    by Bruce in Texas, May 16, 2017


    Try it!

    I tried making churros with the cheap piping accesory and a ziplog bag (with a hole in the corner to make a piping bag). And it made fat gross "loggers" I called them.. with no hole in the middle or texture. I bought this and it makes a great textured churro with a hole in the middle (several diff attachments available, I have only tried the one attachment every time cause I am so pleased.) Yes, its weird they want you to turn the end to push the dough out.. but its not that big of a deal. I find I do a pushing and turning action ans its just fine. I think its a great product and worth the money if you want your churros done right.

    by Holly Begetti, June 30, 2018


    This thing is great! Got a wild hair and decided I needed ...

    This thing is great! Got a wild hair and decided I needed to have some churros, so I bought this and immediately made some when it arrived. it works really well, but my favorite part is that the whole thing comes apart for easily cleaning. I was worried about having dried dough stuck in small places with all the plastic parts, but I took it all apart and soaked it in hot, soapy water as soon as I was done using it, and when I was ready to wash it, it was very easily washed and came out like brand new.

    by Macgetticles, July 21, 2018


    Remember to tighten the lids!

    This little churrera is a keeper. I made 30 churros with it the first time I used it, the following week I made over 70 churros for my students and school staff and still working right. The plastic is very sturdy and the mechanism firm. I was hesitant to order after reading comments about lid falling in the hot oil, but I took the chance. Upon reading the instruction manual I found a warning about keeping the lids tight, I did that and had no problems. I chose to use the nozzle for thick churros and wanted to make them short, but the other nozzles work out fine too. Regarding capacity, I got about 14 churros of approx 2 in long every time filled the churrera. The price is reasonable, and I feel it was money well spent. I love this churrera!

    by ileana, July 24, 2019


    Love it!

    I tried making churros using a piping bag a few times, and this tool makes them way better! It's easy to load, comes apart for cleaning, and makes nicely shaped and fluffy churros.I made sure to hold on to the plastic tip after reading the reviews here, but I never felt like it was going to fall off. Still, I would recommend holding it with one hand on the cap.

    by Dei, November 13, 2018


    Churro lovers - buy this!

    Fabulous! My family is addicted to churros and we had been making them using a cookie press. Unfortunately, the amount of pressure required to push the dough through was too much and the cookie press succumbed. I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband and he (and my daughter) were over the moon about it. It is simple to put together and easy to clean as well. We highly recommend it for anyone who loves real churros.

    by Busy book lover, May 31, 2016


    Churro Maker

    The apparatus is not hard to use. Just don't fill it with a lot of dough or you will have trouble trying to twist out your dough onto your cookie sheet or into the skillet for your churros. You will have to add back the dough that didn't make it through the tube but, I guess this is with any raw cookie dough apparatus you use I wouldn't know. Overall, I like it. Easy to clean. Of course I use a brush to clean the inside of the tube which makes it easy to clean inside..for me.

    by SORJOURNEY TRUTH, October 10, 2020


    Muy ricos los churros.

    Es la churrera de siempre. Bien terminada. Se puede rajar el plástico si se hacen las masas muy duras, por eso hay que cambiarla con el tiempo. Pero nada que oponer. Si la siguen fabricando, cundo se rompa, a comprar otra.

    by José Mª Hernández Caballero, February 26, 2021


    Me gusta

    Buen producto, ya he hecho unos cuantos churros, buena calidad.

    by Cliente de Kindle, February 24, 2021


    Muy práctica

    Buenísima churrera no coge nada de aire que eso es importante para q no te explote los churros.

    by Viryi, March 19, 2021


    Cumple perfectamente

    Funciona pefectamente. Lo epserado

    by jose antonio nuñez alvarez, January 31, 2021



    Easy to use.

    by Marlow Esau, March 22, 2021

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