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uni JETSTREAM 4&1 Red, Green, Blue, and Black 0.7mm Ballpoint Multi Pen and 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil (Navy)

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    • 4.7 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 5.110

  • Navy Blue JETSTREAM 4&1 has four 0.7mm ballpoint ink components (red, green, blue, and black), plus a 0.5mm mechanical pencil component.
  • Mechanical pencil utilizes Nano Dia 0.5mm HB high quality blended lead for a sharp, erasable writing experience.
  • The perfect tool to keep you organized without the clutter of multiple pens and pencils.
  • Water, fade, and forgery-resistant quick-drying ink.
  • Advanced writing grip is responsive to your touch for optimum control and comfort.

Uni Jetstream inks are touted as enabling "smooth writing that becomes a habit." Smooth writing and sharp design come together in this multi pen that is targeted towards business professionals and designers. This pen combines four incredible 0.5 mm Jetstream inks and a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil in one pen body. The oil-based ink is water- and light-resistant and has an extremely low coefficient of friction. That means that the pen practically glides across the paper. Best of all, the specially-formulated ink has good flow, density, and color pigment, and it dries quickly.


Customer Review


Ink flow too good... too fast

Bought this to replace a Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1. Pros - 1. better price 2. Uni Jetstream uses black smooth rubber grip vs clear rubber grip on the Dr. Grip that turns yellow over time and collects skin oils under it that are visible through the clear rubber -...

by Javy B., September 22, 2018


Does the job, 4 colors plus a pencil and eraser tip

I like this pen a lot, it's my go-to. I've gone through maybe 10+ of these pens, and have given them as gifts to friends too. I've purchased almost all of the colors (black, gray, white, dark pink, blue), except the green. I'm a visual person so I like to take...

by J. M. Gamiao, September 23, 2017


Works like a dream, until it doesn't.

I've had this pen for a few hours shy of a week. This is an expensive cheap pen; the price is much higher than you would expect for a cheap pen, but far short of a "nice" pen, and it shows in the cheap and, honestly, ugly plastic construction. I just wanted a multi-pen...

by Derek, August 31, 2020


Fantastic pen for STEM students

Fantastic pen for STEM students. It gives you the ability to create multi-tierd notes without the cluttering effect that mono-colors give. Specifically, this pen's ink runs smoothly and is vibrant. I had no issue ordering $30 worth of refills, because I know this...

by JoeSchmoe, December 16, 2014


Go-To Work pen

I use many different pens through out the day/week/year. I don't know, I guess I have a problem. But now that I've discovered Jetstream makes a "parker style (G2)" refill that I can use in many of my existing pens and buy more pen options now, I've exclusively been using...

by Wolf Man, February 4, 2021


Super versatile, mechanical pencil and the color green are slightly off

I like taking multi colored notes, but used to I get laughed at for carrying 30 pens in my pocket at any given time. Enter the uni JETSTREAM 4&1. Now instead of carrying 3 pens around with me, I've got one - and a bonus color... AND a mechanical pencil. Take that,...

by adexios, February 2, 2021


Great multicolor pen

This is a great multi color pen 4 colors, and it also has a pencil 0.5mm. I was looking for something like this, that would work smoothly and had good quality, this is it. It is not made in China, this is actually made in Japan. I'm using it for making tones of notes...

by valentin, October 10, 2018


Nice concept, but not happy with cartridge performance.

Purchased this one based on how much I like the Jetstream pens I usually buy. the 1.0mm clicky one in Black. Those last a long time for me. Never had one clog on me. That said, the cartridges on this one have all been faulty. Red and green completely stopped...

by Dickens, November 19, 2019

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