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Casio G Shock GW-5000-1JF Multi Band 6 Japan Made

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BHD 225.811

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    The absolute best tool for the job

    If you are reading these reviews you are at that point where you need some rational reasons to justify this baby, because, honestly, you are looking at the DW5600 or the GWM5610, and you think 'WTF is the deal with this guy here, it's almost the SAME watch, why on Earth would I spend 3x that amount"... well, my friend, you only have to do that if you want to have the honor of owning Mankind's ULTIMATE TIME KEEPING WRIST TOOL.Let's get the basics out of the way first.Stop being proud that your mechanical watch "only lost 3 seconds today", we are in 2014 FFS. And you don't even have to settle for the already good quartz +-15 second MONTHLY accuracy either. This guy here is the pinnacle of human achievement* in timekeeping. Every night it syncs itself with an atom hundreds of miles away. Perfect time all the time, because that's what you want from your watch, pure undistilled, no BS time keeping. You look at the screen and you connect to the universe heartbeat itself.Secondly, the connection with the universe doesn't stop there. It's a Tough Solar, so it has solar panels that collect the energy released by hydrogen atoms fusing together 92,960,000 miles away... think about this fact for a moment.Ok, now you are like, "yeah, elargentino, but the GWM5610 does all of this already..." oh, I'm sorry, what if we encase this engineering marvel inside a stainless steel vault so it becomes indestructible? What if we also coat the vault with a polished Diamond Like Coating so you can see your own wrinkles decades from now? What if you remove all the flashy loud colors too, so you can wear it everywhere with anything (with this price you are going to want to)? What if we use a higher quality, suppler, urethane for the bezel and strap so it's a pleasure to your wrist and fingers? What if we put this marvel together in Japan so Casio's best employees and tools can work their magic? what about that?So, do Future You a favor if you like this style of G-Shock, wait and save a bit more, and get it. Future You is going to be really happy and glad that you did,*if you live within radio sync range

    by elargentino, November 20, 2014


    Made in Japan Gshock,

    I am a big gshock collector. I have 35 gshock watches and 5 Protrek watches. I have the Rangeman gshock. I have the King GXW56-1BJF gshock. The Gsteel smoke dial gshock. I have 4 Mudman gshock watches 2 Gulfman gshocks and the GA 1000-1a Aviation Gshock and the dw5600e -1v and the dw5600e-1 foxfire gshock that my uncle bought for me in Japan. But on the back plate is made in China. I have 5 gshocks from Japan that read Thailand or China. Don't get me wrong all of my gshocks are great and very durable. First Let me tell you. I had the first gshock to hit the market in 1983 .Which was made in Japan back then. I was 21 years old back then. I'm now 55 years old. Now that I'm older. I have been looking at this gw5000-1 jf gshock for over a year. I watched utubevideos. I read all the reviews on Bolo. Mostly all reviews 5 stars. Now I love all gshocks Big or small. I just couldn't see paying that much money for a watch. I love the gwm5610-1 gshock. Which is Solar atomic power. Great watch. I certainly don't need another gshock. I saw it on sale last week. I had a Bolo gift card. So l finally went and bought it. When l received it in the mail. I opened the box and pull it out put it on. I was shocked how comfortable and balance it was on my 7 inch wrist. The watch has a silicone band that is very compfortable. T he watch has a Dlc coating stainless steel back plate. Reads made in Japan. This watch is a true Old school Classic. But with solar atomic power. I'm glad I bought this watch. I was lucky to get it for such a great price. This watch is a great watch that will last a lifetime. Everything on the watch is made in Japan. I would recommend this watch to a gshock collector that knows quality. Now if your new to gshock watches. I recommend the gwm5610-1 g shock you can get that $90.00 on Bolo. Good luck on any Gshock watch you buy. Remember the best watch is the one on your Wrist. Thanks and good luck.

    by Thomas frey, April 18, 2017


    GW-5000-1JF 5〜6年使ってみてレビュー


    by フミヒロ, September 7, 2018


    A great watch for your rotation

    If you must have a digital watch in your rotation, then this is the one to get. The watch has a dignified appearance and sophisticated feel. No one else really needs to know its true value and what you paid for it; it looks similar to a $20 Casio to the untrained observer. I'm still getting to know the various features but it complements my workplace gear quite nicely. My only wish is that the writing on the back: GW-5000, Casio, Shock Resistant, Made in Japan, etc... was aligned with the long axis of the strap rather than at an angle because everything else seems so orderly and symmetrical.

    by RP, March 24, 2021




    by Amazon カスタマー, October 8, 2018




    by Amazon カスタマー, July 8, 2018




    by R書記長, October 9, 2019

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