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SUUNTO Core, Outdoor Sports Watch


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Suunto Core Classic packs the key outdoor features in robust construction with a comfortable elastomer strap. Combining an altimeter, barometer and compass with weather information, Suunto Core Classic is the essential tool for your adventures. Product highlights - Altimeter, barometer, compass, weather functions and alerts, temperature, sunrise/sunset times, depth meter for snorkeling, and multilingual menu (EN, FR, DE, ES)

  • Suunto Core: This classic outdoor sports watch is packed with intelligent features like a Storm Alarm, Altimeter, Barometer and compass to keep you informed of conditions while you hike, bike, or camp.Water resistance depth:30 meters
  • Essential for Adventure: This watch has dual times, a date display, and alarm, plus predicted times for sunrise and sunset to help maximize your daylight hours and a depth meter accurate up to 30 feet
  • Suunto Sports Watches: Versatile and durable, Suunto sports watches are great for running, swimming, cycling, gym workouts, hiking, and other outdoor sports; Whatever your needs, Suunto has a watch for you
  • Adventure Starts Here: Combining Scandinavian design with ultra durable materials, our watches track your sports, daily activity, and sleep to help you keep life, training and recovery in balance
  • Authentic Heritage: Founded in 1936, Suunto brings over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and pioneering innovation to our watches, compasses, and dive products
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • N.

      Lots of great features in a gorgeous form factor.

      Here are my thoughts on my new Suunto Core, hope this helps others decide if this is the right watch for them or not.Overall I love the fit and finish of this watch, I have the Military All Black edition. The bezel is low profile which allows it to easily fit inside the cuff of a shirt and also less prone to striking on door jams and the like as you walk. The watch is lighter than I had anticipated, but does not feel light in a cheap kind of way. I was initially a little bummed about the lighter weight because I normally where very large and heavy Invicta watches. However the lighter weight of this watch makes it far more useful for being active which is what this watch is all about. The lighter weight also means you can wear the watch higher up on your arm where it belongs and it will stay there. That way its not impinging on your hand while extending the wrist (say while riding a bike.)The band is a smooth matte hard rubber and has a matte black aluminum clasp. There are also two rubber cuffs to tuck the excess band inside, this is very nice as it keeps the excess band out of the way of what you are wearing and what you are doing. The watch itself is very comfortable as a function of both the band construction and the overall weight of the watch. My favorite part of the overall look of this watch however is the dark face. It's clean and sharp; you can choose which information you would like displayed by default (time, altitude, bearing, sunrise/set, date, countdown, etc). In very bright light and with the watch tilted at an extreme angle it can be difficult to see the information on the display, however with the watch pointing directly at you, I have no issues reading the display even in full sunlight. At night the display is completely dark, except for the glowing North indicators on the rotating bezel. The backlight feature (activated as needed with a button press) lights up the entire display so you can see all functions and feature of the watch including indicators such as the alarm being set. Another nice little feature is a button lock, achieved by pressing and holding the backlight button for a few seconds, handy so that you are not accidentally accessing menus or changing settings inadvertently while you are asleep or wearing gloves.In terms of the altimeter/barometer, I have always wanted this watch for skiing purposes as it gives you a way to track your vertical feet for the day without having to pull out your phone and check an app like EpicMix. As I have yet to ski with this watch I cannot comment on its ability to track vert just yet, however many other people I know with this watch have been pleased with its ability to do so. It does give me accurate readings of atmospheric pressure which has been interesting to follow. These past few days we have had some decent storms roll through and I have actually watched the barometer drop as that was happening. It displays the pressure in a graph so you can see trends over time. The reality is that I would not routinely use this to try to predict or gauge the weather - in this day and age I can get vastly more detailed information from my phone. That being the case the barometer is accurate and functional.The thermometer does a great job of telling me the temperature of my wrist but not the ambient temperature (at least if I am wearing it). I knew this was going to be the case before I even purchased the watch as this is a common theme with all "ABC watches". The reality is there is no way for the thermometer to account for the conductive heat transferred to/from your body (or radiation from the sun for that matter). Again, if I need to know the ambient temperature I look at the weather app on my phone but if I was in an area with no cell signal that would not be an option. In that event you can always hang the watch from your pack or inside your tent to get an accurate reading on the ambient temperature. The thermometer is accurate, you just need to take your wrist out of the equation when you need that information.The compass feature works great though I personally don't see myself using it routinely. I have compared it to the lensatic compass in my pack and its relatively close but if I ever actually had to navigate I would definitely use a dedicated compass. In my humble opinion the compass function on the watch is more convenient for getting a general idea of your bearing or heading - something I usually am aware of already but I can appreciate how this might be useful if you are traveling or exploring in a new area.Another great feature of this watch is the sunrise/sunset information. While programming the watch you select your nearest major city and that is how the sunrise/set times are calculated. This gives you a relatively accurate prediction of the time at sunrise and sunset but depends obviously on if you are in that exact location or not. As I am in Milford, CT I have mine set to NYC. The watch tells me that sunset today will be at 19:48 where as according to a simple google search it will be at 19:42 for my current location (unsure of the source that is being indexed though). In any event, it is close enough and reliable for the purpose of gauging your activities by the need for daylight or night.As expected there are also the typical watch functions of chronograph with lap metering and an alarm. The alarm actually also has a snooze feature which is pretty nice. As the alarm goes off a notification on the display says "snooze?" and places "yes" and "no" next to two buttons on the bezel. Selecting yes gives you an extra 5 minutes of sleep. I am unsure if you can change the duration of the snooze in settings or not. There is also a countdown timer which comes in handy sometimes. You can set the duration of the countdown to anything you like in the settings.Another nice feature is the product support offered by Suunto. The day I received the watch I got on the website and made a user account then registered my serial number. From there I can submit work or repair orders should anything ever go wrong. There is also a nice user community for sharing information and activities, something I won't probably be an active member of but I am sure there are others who really enjoy this aspect of the brand.I really have no gripes or problems with the watch to report so far. I have only had it for 2 weeks and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have read other reviews noting problems with the band breaking. The band seems solid to me but certainly does not feel indestructible. I am sure with enough repetition of folding the band back to remove the watch it would ultimately crease and then crack as others have reported. At this price point I expect this to be a watch that I get many years of solid use out of. If for some reason the band starts to get too terribly worn or breaks I would be okay replacing it. I do not believe the Suunto warranty covers band damage from normal use. It appears replacement bands for the Core are available for around $30-40 which is reasonable in my opinion. It appears the band can be replaced by the user, and judging by the look of the screws attaching the band to the watch body you would only need a small flathead driver. Also of not, the watch battery can be easily replaced by the user.So in summary, all in all I am very pleased. The watch looks fantastic. The watch is comfortable to wear both at rest and while working out or being active. The altimeter/barometer are accurate and give you ample ways to display and use the data. The thermometer works great, you just need to take the watch off to get an accurate reading (true for all watch thermometers as far as I know). The compass is accurate for getting a general idea of your heading but if you are planning on doing serious navigation then use a dedicated compass. The other standard watch features (alarm, chrono, countdown) are all present as well as few nice bonuses like a countdown timer, snooze function for the alarm and sunrise/set times.

    • R.

      Solid ABC Watch.

      I will keep this review updated as I spend more time using the watch.I'm a long time outdoor instructor and a working and sport dog handler. My cheap analog/digital watch of the last 9 years finally gave out on me and I decided it was time to upgrade to something better. I liked the idea ABC functions in the watch form factor. Historically I relied on larger handheld units but it's nice to have the capability of ditching them for shorter excursions and everyday use.So far, I really like the Core. In my opinion the unit ticks off all the necessary functions for a good work watch. The utility of date and seconds mode are obvious, the stopwatch and countdown clock are wonderful functions for use in the field and training, and dual time is an excellent feature when traveling. It's not the most unique feature but I really appreciated the easy access to the sunrise and sunset times. It's really great to be able to click a few buttons so I can make plans for sun down accordingly.I haven't had a ton of time to play with the atmospheric barometer and altimeter but my quick tests have found it to be consistent with the results that my Foretrex spits out. I look forward to putting it alongside some other units and testing out the 'automatic' profile when I'm done with trials. For users like myself who are accustomed to atmospheric barometers that auto recalculate with a GPS, be sure to remember to set your reference altitude. The current heatwave means I haven't been able to try the storm alarm yet but I can't wait to test it out because it could prove to be extremely handy in the field. I was glad to find that the unit includes a thermometer. It should be noted that the thermometer spends its time pressed up against your wrist so when wearing the watch the readings will be wrong. To Suunto's credit they do mention this in the user manual found on their website. But it's readings appear to be pretty accurate when removed from your wrist for a few minutes. And even then in this current mid-90s degree it's readings on wrist have been pretty close.One of my teaching specialties is land navigation and I'm a bit of a compass nerd. So I was very curious to see how the compass mode would perform. It is my opinion that a electric compass in this form factor will never replace a good analog compass. The utility of a unit like this isn't in its accuracy or precision but in its convenience. To that end, this unit is very convenient to use with a few hiccups. Initially I had a lot of issues with the compass being wildly inaccurate. And I had no success with recalibration. I found a YouTube comment on the official Suunto tutorial about compass recalculating that suggested a reset. That suggestion worked wonders and the compass worked extremely well after calibration... for a few hours. I put the watch down by my phone and computer while doing some work and then left it there when I took a nap. When I woke up and tested it again it was out of whack and I needed to do another factory reset. In retrospect this is blaringly obvious but the magnetic interference for my computer equipment was responsible. Keep that in mind if you're having issues with the compass. Like any compass, this unit needs to be kept level if you want accurate readings. At least for me, it can be difficult to judge what's level when the unit is on my wrist. With practice and more use I'm sure this will become less of an issue for me but it does introduce a degree of mistrust in the readings when not checking a known direction. It's a shame that Suunto didn't include the bubble level that was found on the old Vectors. Like any good compass, the unit has adjustable declination. In 0.5 degree increments, larger than I would like but adequate for a unit like this.You'll see a lot of complaints in the Bolo reviews about the dim display. Personally I have not had that issue. It is very readable in bright light. In low light I find it just as readable as a regular analog. It does have a backlight which is just bright enough to illuminate in low and no light. I do miss the utility of having glow in the dark watch hands but that's just one of the trade-offs of going digital. Is my understanding that you can adjust the contrast after a factory reset but I haven't felt the need. And this is from someone who doesn't have particularly good eyesight.I don't like the included silicone watch band. It's comfortable, easily adjustable, and breathable in hot weather but it means that watch can't lie flat when the watch is removed and I found it made compass calibration more annoying than it needed to be. I can't speak for the durability of the band yet but even outside of the world of Bolo reviews these new silicone bands are notorious within my professional communities for breaking unexpectedly and at the worst possible times. I would have greatly preferred the NATO style bands that ship with the new Alpha Stealth version of the Core. I will probably replace the band at some point in the future with a aftermarket band.Can't speak for battery life yet but I like that it uses the same coin batteries as my RMR. What concerns me is the somewhat inconsistent information about battery replacement. With Suunto simultaneously providing instructions and kits for battery replacement but also suggesting that trying to replace the battery on your own voids the warranty. And when investigating further it gets even more unclear about who actually is authorized to do the replacement. I may end up calling my local REI and asking if that's a service that they actually provide (the Suunto website claims they do) just to have options open.I also can't speculate on long-term durability yet. As a precaution I did purchase one of those extended warranties/insurance policies from Bolo for the first time. Much like the silicone watch bands, Suunto is infamous for it's for poor or inconsistent warranty support in my communities. Hopefully I won't have to find out or see how well the third party one works.

    • a.

      Mehr Schein als sein... Core all black

      Ja, ich gebe es zu: ich bin ein Opfer von Hollywood geworden! :-/Also im Film "The Equalizer" wurde die Uhr von Denzel Washington getragen. Wow, die Uhr sieht super aus.Riesige Stoppuhr, blaue Beleuchtung etc. - Googlen, muss ich haben!Tja, ausgepackt...also im Film sah die besser aus. Egal geht schon.Display, Stealth-Modus? Sehr dunkel und schlecht zu lesen. Hintergrundbeleuchtung eingeschaltet, auch nicht besser!Bei Nacht ist es wie bei Tag: kaum zu lesen.Egal, Stoppuhr testen: Pustekuchen! mickrig und klein unter Anzeige für die Uhr. Nanu? Wie kann man das umstellen auf groß? Gar nicht!Die große Anzeige der Stoppuhr und die blaue Beleuchtung sind ein CGI Fake aus Hollywood - das kann die Uhr gar nicht!Tasten sind gut zu erreichen, so gut, das wenn ich mein Handgelenk bewege ich auch die mittlere Taste betätige.Das geht auch mal nicht.Insgesamt habe ich viel überlegt und abgewogen...also wieder zurück damit.Kann man absolut nicht gebrauchen. Ich traue mich auch nicht an die regular black heran, weil der Rest ja dann immer noch ein Fake ist.Sehr schade, das man als Consumer so verarscht wird!

    • R. P.

      Great watch

      I can't be more satisfied with this great watch. I heard about Suunto watch since many time. As Im anthropologist, documentarist, professional photographer and videomaker I spent all the time travelling to desert, to high mountains, diving to work with archaeologists, and other extreme environment places. Few time ago I spent two weeks in Annapurna and Himalayas doing some research and is very important there we know all the time the altitude, to avoid altitude sickness. Also important you know the deep when diving, specially due the video equipment I use when diving. I decide to buy this watch as is the most simple Suunto model where battery last for many time, the last models with GPS are not so good for me as I spent many time in places where is not easy to charge watch due lack of electrical power available. Few time after buying it, I order a leather strap to use in more formal places, like office, meetings and other official events. When I travel to extreme places I change to the original black rubber strap in few minutes. After use a lot of Casio and other sport watches, Im very satisfied with this great watch, the Suunto Core.

    • t.

      PRO TREK に比べてよいところは少ない

      10数年使ったPROTREKに OPENのメッセージが出てしまい、自分で修理したもののコンパスが使えなくなったので悩んだ末、手ごろな価格だったこの時計を購入しました。山で使った経験から評価しました、個々の機能、性能、精度は不足がないような気もしますが・・・長くなりますが、登山で使用する人のために(町使いの人は無視してください)書きました。(1) 電池  この時計は、約一年の電池寿命、防水を考えるとパッキンごとの取り替えになるでしょう(約1000円)、protrekはソーラーで電池のことは考えなくてもいい(2) 時刻の正確さ PROTREKの電波時計に対し、クロノメーター そんなに狂いませんが、修正は面倒(3)軽さ、付けやすさ見た目 圧倒的にこの時計がいい、金属ベルトの普通の腕時計より軽く、付けやすい。 薄いので見栄えはいい(4) 見やすさ 黒地に文字が銀色に近い液晶で、少し暗いと読めない、小さな文字は全く見ずらい コントラストの調整ができるらしい(まだやってない)がこのままでは、予定の時刻より遅くなり、薄暮になった時使えない。(歩きながらの点灯操作は良くない)(5) 操作性、表示内容 とにかく面倒くさい、例えば基準高度の設定はPROTREKでは2アクションで修正操作にかかれたがこの時計はメニューの選択など直感的にはできない、また高度と気圧の同時表示はもちろん表示の切り替えもメニューを介して面倒な操作をしないとできないPROTREKはボタンを押すだけで切り替えれる。(6) その他 ①歩いているうちに、表示が勝手に変わる、ボタンが飛び出しているので手首を曲げると表示を切り替えるボタン(龍頭に相当するところにある)を押してしまう⇒なんでボタンが飛び出しているんだろう? ②電子コンパスが結構狂ってしまう気がする  今は登山口で念のためくるくる回して調整している、特に室内ではよく狂う 結論 どうも設計者が経験不足のような気がする、フィンランドの老舗らしいが、登山で使うツールとしてはPROTREKが2枚も3枚も上だと思う、これから使い込んで慣れていくかもしれないが、登山でお使いになるならPROTREKを無条件にお勧めする。先にも書きましたが、町使いの時計としてはカッコいい、そういった使い方をする人には絶対(価格からいっても)おすすめです。  山でお使いになるなら、価格以外にPROTREKに比べてよいところはない、お勧めできない。2年間使ってこうなりました。①1年少しで右中央のボタンが凹みっぱなしで爪で戻さないと戻らなくなった。 これは保証期間が2年あったので無償で修理してもらった。②2年と2ヶ月で気圧計がダメになったようで、気圧、高度が全部ダメ、 結構な雨の中をカッパの上にはめて歩きましたが、山では普通です。 ただコンパス、時計は異常なしなので防水が悪いとも思えないです。結論か言うと、街でファッションとして使うならOKですが、山屋はプロトレックを買いましょう、型落ちならそんなに価格も変わらない、ゴツいですが。高度計は今はGPSで正確に出るのでそれほど重要でもないがパッと見れると嬉しいですよね、

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