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Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Valu-6 Pack

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    • 4.7 stars
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  • Oreck's Full Release Allergen Control Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner is designed to work with the Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber system and many Regina shampoo machines. No mixing, no measuring, and no mess when you clean carpets.
  • This self-contained, easy-loading cartridges of specially formulated Allergen Control Cleaner break down grease, oil and ground-in dirt in all types of carpet and on hard floors (not for use on wood floors) Removes stains, controls odors and brightens colors. Protects carpet fibers from resoling; cleans approximately 235 square feet of carpet or hard floors.

  • Oreck Full Release Allergen Control Valu-6 Pack contains six (6) bottles of Full Release Allergen Control Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner.


    Customer Review


    great cleaner, great smell!

    Product was great it cleans very well and smells great! Only down side is that i couldn't figure out how to insert it in my cleaner. No matter what i tried it wouldn't go in and i double checked that it was the correct one. So i did have to open the bottle and pour into the reservoir for the shampoo manually.

    by Jasmine Bell, September 15, 2020



    Price per bottle was much better on the six pack. Scent is mild and worked well. We used this for maintenance so I can’t really speak to stain capability.

    by Kathryn, September 5, 2020


    This is a hard to find item used only for the oreck steam cleaner.

    This is another hard to find item made only for the oreck steam cleaner. It works well for its intended use.

    by dennyt, September 27, 2020


    hard to find but perfect for Oreck

    The oreck cleaner is older but this helped me extend the life of the unit. Not for real large jobs, but perfect for small rooms or local spots

    by Bill, February 18, 2019


    Great Product

    I use this product for carpet cleaning in my Oreck carpet shampooer. It works great, and I love how easily this product cleans rugs and spots like no other I have found.

    by Thomas, November 3, 2019


    Product OK but Shipping needs to be Improved

    The product seems to be the same as I ordered directly from Oreck but the shipping was not the greatest. The bottles were wet and sticky and some of the plastic caps that are needed for inserting to the machine were off but fortunately they were not broken so I was able to clip them back on. Not too much leakage, just a small amount to make the bottles sticky.

    by DEAS717, January 9, 2017


    Good thing it works because . . .

    You can't refill them so if you own an Oreck carpet cleaner you're stuck with it.

    by R J R, August 5, 2020


    Yes, get it.

    Wonderful stuff.Great scent. Works well in environment with pets.Apparently non-toxic, haven't had allergic reactions with it.Great scent, lingers for days, not overpowering.(No, I don't know David Oreck, neither do I work for the company). I've simply used it for years.

    by 1sojourner, October 26, 2014

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