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STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer - Guaranteed To Keep Fuel Fresh Fuel Up To Two Years - Effective In All Gasoline Including All Ethanol Blended Fuels - For Quick, Easy Starts, 16 fl. oz. (22207)

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 30-October to 03-November.
BHD 22.259

  • Keeps fuel fresh for up to 24 months during storage
  • Eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage
  • Ensures quick, easy starts after storage
  • Prevents gum and varnish build-up
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

  • Size:16 Fl. oz. (Pack of 1)  |  Pattern Name:Single

    Storing fuel for more than a year? Have a generator or piece of equipment you don’t know the next time you will use it? Have no worries - STA-BIL Storage is an additive meant just for what you’re looking for. STA-BIL Storage keeps gas fresh for up to 24 months. This eliminates the need to drain fuel before storing your equipment and ensures quick easy starts the next time you go to fire it up. This product is highly effective in all gasoline, including ethanol and non-ethanol blended fuels. Whether using 87, 91, or 93 octane gas ethanol or non-ethanol blended gas still goes bad. This product is great for bulk gas storage, as well as collector cars, small engines, generators, and boats. Treat rate is 1oz to 2 ½ gallons of gas. If using with small engine equipment it is best to add STA-BIL Storage to your gas can. This way every piece of equipment you fill with that can is treated. Make sure to add STA-BIL while the gas is fresh. Best practice is to add STA-BIL when you are at the pump.


    Customer Review


    Received 14-year Old Product

    The three Sta-bil containers I received were labeled "2006" (in the year 2020).The fluid itself was more the color of *blood* than the candy-red that Sta-bil gasoline additive should be.The plastic containers themselves were heavily *yellowed*, with quite noticeable breakdown of the plastic.Waste of my time and very much unappreciated. You don't sell 14-year-old product at full price, and without disclosure.

    by PensFifthCup, April 22, 2020


    Well Worth it.

    I use Ethanol Free Gas for my small motors, it costs a little more at the pump, but far cheaper than fuel related repairs at the end of the season. I put it in to an empty gas can and let new gas mix it as can is being filled. If you buy 10% ethanol gas you need to get the version for ethanol gas treatment. Works well so far. I had gas stored in a can for almost a year, and it smells fresh, and put some in my mower and mower started right up and ran smoothly. My generator manual says to store the generator full with gas and use Sta-Bil Storage. Just let it run so the gas with Sta-Bil has a chance to work its way through the whole fuel system. A year later, the generator started right up on first pull. 1 ounce will treat 2.5 gallons of gas. The only down side I've noticed is careful the angle you pour it. As you pour the fill tube into the measuring section has to fill will air, or as you pour in measured amount, extra will keep flowing from rest of bottle if not careful.

    by Leko 69, February 27, 2018



    Stabil is an excellent product and I have no issues with it. I do have a huge problem the gallon size bottle though. Extremely poorly designed. One would assume that a smooth pour would be essential when you’re measuring out relatively small amounts. This bottle does not do that. Much of the product dribbles down the side when you attempt to pour. Fast, slow or multiple angles made no difference. Buying the gallon size was a huge mistake.Edit: I posted a question regarding this in the question section of the product page, but didn’t get any useful solutions despite some very creative ideas by the community. The manufacturer then suggested that I use a funnel. How this is supposed to prevent the product from running down the side I have no earthly idea. After looking at the nasty stain on my formerly clean carport, I decided to contact their customer service people to see if they have any ideas on how to get a smooth pour. That too proved to be an exercise in futility. Apparently Stabil has confused the “customer service” with “answering service”. The people on the other end of the line can only answer questions that’s on their list. They took my number and said that someone from the company would call me back. Nobody did. Because of this additional information I’m lowering my review even further.

    by Gabriel Louw, February 15, 2020


    Keep your engine rust and corrosion free over the winter storage period.

    I have used STA-BIL fuel stabilizer for the last 2 years when storing my V12 Vantage. Each year, I fill up the tank, pour in about half a bottle of STA-BIL as I have a 22 gallon tank. I drive the car around a few miles to ensure the fuel stabilizer has an opportunity to cycle completely through the engine and fuel system.I put my car on a trickle charger and then 3-4 months later I come back and it starts back up every time. One of the main purposes of the fuel stabilizer is to coat the inside of the engine to prevent any rust or corrosion over the long storage period. If you are remotely concerned about the health of your vehicle I would highly recommend using STA-BIL anytime you store your vehicle for more any prolonged period of time.

    by Vantage, January 9, 2018


    I have been using this for years.

    Living where power outages are common in some seasons I keep back-up generators and enough gasoline to run the generators for a few days, if needed.I always run this product in the fuel that I store and use in my generators and lawn care equipment. Before storing my generators, I run them dry with Stabil in the fuel. Every year, or sometimes 2-3 years, when I get the generators out to test them, in anticipation of use, they start by the third pull on the cord.I also took care of a neighbor’s seasonal home and garaged car for about three years. The neighbors did not return for three years due to poor health. I kept Stabil in their car tank. At 18 months of storage, I syphoned off as much gasoline as I was able to reach with a hose and replaced that fuel with fresh gasoline and Stabil. With exception of a bad battery, the car started right up after three years in storage.

    by Grandpa Wilbur, April 21, 2020


    It’s only a 4oz bottle.

    Product is not as described. Description says it’s a 16 ounce bottle get treats 40 gallons . They sent me 4oz that treats 10 gallons. Amazon needs to intervene and stop the false advertising.

    by Glenn K., September 21, 2018


    Steady as she goes

    Came when it was promised. I went to grab a bottle while I was at National Auto the other day, and they wanted $13! Damn. At least buy me dinner before you screw me. I paid $7 here.I’ve been using this for as long as I can remember. I prefer to drain my tractor at the end of summer and my snowblower in the spring. But admittedly sometimes I’m just lazy. Put some Sta-bil in, fill the tank with good gas. Good to go. No worries, I know it will start next season. I use it in my trimmer, my leaf blowers, my chainsaw. Every gas engine. Especially the generators.I have one older one, a Briggs 7hp that hadn’t been started in 5 years. I sprayed the snot out of it with ether, fired up on the 2nd pull. Ran like a champ. It had Sta-bil in the tank.Now obviously I would not recommend doing that but I’m just saying. Stuff works stupid well. Money well spent.Highly recommend. Thanks for reading

    by Moose, December 18, 2017


    Standard Product

    Standard international product. Should work well, but too early to comment.

    by Amarnath Banerjee, September 25, 2016

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