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STA-BIL (22001) Fogging Oil - Stops Corrosion In Stored Engines - Lubricates And Protects Cylinders - Coats Internal Engine Components - For All 2 and 4 Cycle Engines, 12 oz.

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    • 4.7 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 30-October to 03-November.
BHD 5.973

  • Coats internal engine components to prevent corrosion
  • Displaces moisture from metal to protect engine
  • Lubricates cylinders to prevent cylinder damage (scuffing) at start up
  • For all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Style:12 av. oz.

    Fogging Oil/Cylinder Protector, Container Size 12 oz., Size/Net Weight 0. 853, Amber, Flash Point -156 F, 1 Specific Gravity, VOC Content 10%, For Use With Gasoline Powered Engines, Boats, Cars, Trucks, RVs, Tractors


    Customer Review


    Frustrating! Nozzle Straw blows off onto cylinders.

    5 Stars for can content. Does not actually come out as a fog. It sprays pretty directional. Seems to to work, Sea Doo engines fire right up after every use and no seizing, but good luck with the little straw that attaches. They blow off and fall off too easily into cylinders and fall under the motor. I wasted more time retrieving the straws then using the product. SO FRUSTRATING! I tried silicon to attach and no luck. I would not buy again for this simple reason. Why the heck can’t they do a threaded screw in straw or permanent mount straw like WD-40 uses. I would gladly pay more for this fix and give 5 stars

    by DanVin, June 22, 2019


    Don’t use this product.

    Dangerous Product. The cap looks different on the one I received. The red straw was loose in box. The cap looked more like a paint cap. When I tried it the plastic straw came off, I pushed it in hard. The next squirt blew the straw into my spark plug hole.Advice on how to remove the plastic straw?Right now my boat motor is unusable.By substituting the wrong cap. I’m screwedThank you

    by Horn, October 27, 2020



    Just winterized my waverunner today. Put the red straw into the nozzle cap and went to spray it into the silencer box. Almost immediately the stuff starts spraying all over the place and I realize the red straw is gone. Of course it dropped right down the hole and into the silencer compartment.Opened it up to retrieve the straw and put it back together. Thought that maybe I just didn't get the straw fully set and that it was loose. So made sure it was pushed in as far as it could go and went to do it again. Sprayed for maybe five seconds and promptly fell off back into the hole again. What a joke!Would think that they might test this kind of thing before releasing it to the market. Guess they don't give a crap about quality and what something so simple like this can lead to for their customers. Won't be buying this brand again.

    by ADM_NW, October 6, 2018


    Product works good, would like to have gotten the modified permanent straw with it.

    The lubricant works as described. I did not have any trouble using the straw it came with. The reason I ordered it is because in the picture it showed the special spray nozzle. I did not receive it like that, I just got out with the thin little straw tape to the can. Other than that product works great.

    by Javier Castro, December 20, 2020



    I've been using this fogging oil for a number of years now. I use it on my two Honda mowers, Honda generator and Echo trimmers when I'm getting them ready for Winter storage. Never had an issue with Spring startup of the equipment so it seems to protect the machines very well and it's easy to use.

    by Tony, November 3, 2020


    Best cologne for men - M539 Restoration

    There is nothing to complain. It works!If you watch M539 Restoration on YouTube then you will know that this is the "best cologne for men". Just kidding. Squirt into your spark plug hole not onto your neck!

    by Mark T. Delaware, June 15, 2021


    Save improperly stored engines

    Need to start an engine that wasn't stored properly? This is the juice to do it.Pull the plug, spray into cylinder, turn engine over several times, reinstall plug and fire it up.This fogging oil has allowed me to save 2 generator engines that had been stored with old gas in them.This will also work as a starting fluid.

    by T. Agnew, January 11, 2017


    Works great, reasonably priced.

    My husband and I own a small marina and we have a 26 foot motorboat that we need to winterize yearly. We have always used STA-BIL Fogging Oil on all of our boats throughout the years and it works exceptionally well. It's easy to use and does the job. We just winterized the boat last weekend and, of course, we used this oil. We have tried others but this one works the best for us and is reasonably priced.

    by PattyT, November 21, 2015

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