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La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Spray, 3.4 Ounce

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 100ml/3.4oz
  • Cellular

  • This refreshing spray – an inspired meeting of fragrance and skincare – lavishes your body with the transformative powers of precious perfumes combined with marine derived skin-rejuvenating benefits. It not only has an uplifting effect on the psyche and an energizing effect on the total body; it also helps to firm and revitalizes the skin, creating a light veil of moisture and protection against damaging elements. The result is a heightened sense of well-being that is both physical and psychological. * Soothes and pampers your skin as it revitalizes your psyche * Enhances and maintains the skin’s smooth texture * Hydrates and helps bind moisture to the skin * Protects the skin against free radical damage


    Customer Review


    La Prarie Does It Again.....AMAZING!

    I wondered what would show up having never smelled it before. Ordered it based on sheer curiosity and the reviews. Blown away. LUXURIOUS. RICH. THIS IS WHAT ELEGANT OLD MONEY SMELLS LIKE! Who can afford to go to the LaPrarie spa. The scent alone is unlike any other I have ever encountered. All I can say they perfected luxury and femininity all in one. And somehow a SPA SCENT that is an absolute trademark. It smells distinct, alive, fresh but NOT powdery or beachy. I am telling you think rich and tennis courts in East Hampton on a gorgeous summer day. Or Mustique jaunt. Or Cannes Film Festival gift bag. You will not regret this purchase. The best $$ I ever spent on a fragrance that truly surprised and delighted me.

    by Lilac Bouquet, July 19, 2017


    Paradise in a bottle..

    Discovered this fragrance at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, I had to purchase. Super fresh, and clean. I'm easily put off by most perfumes, some even trigger migraines. I'm certain during the hot, and humid summer this will be great!

    by Chantal B, March 18, 2017


    Love this scent

    Love this scent! Fast shipping and perfectly packaged. I first tried this at The Ritz (Grand Cayman Spa) and been hooked since.

    by Amanda, May 15, 2017


    nice, but...

    only purchased because i received an amazon gift card from my employer so i thought i’d splurge on something i wouldn’t normally buy. scent is nice but luckily, don’t love enough, to spend my own hard-earned money on!

    by Kathryn Johansen, February 6, 2021


    as described

    love it

    by Yuls, March 19, 2019



    Refresca la cara

    by Ricardo R. Bours Castelo, June 14, 2021



    I would recommend spending your money on the creams unless money isn't an object.

    by Alison McDaniel, December 29, 2015


    Hypnotized in to happiness by this smell

    This product is unique. I have never met a person with the same smell. Its energizing, refreshing, and evokes feelings of happiness. I fell in love with it 6 years ago, I hope this fragrance will never stop being produced.

    by Alena W, December 17, 2016


    Stunning Fragrance

    Fell in love with this fragrance within 30 mins of spraying it on... beautiful. I will be purchasing it again.

    by DW, July 5, 2018


    Five Stars

    My favourite body spray. Whenever I wear it, people always ask what a lovely smell!

    by Mrs. L.J. Parish, July 9, 2016


    Kein Vergleich zum Vorgänger

    Jahrelang verwendete ich den Vorgänger von " La Prairie Body Cellular Energizing"und war hochzufrieden , hatte den ganzen Tag einen einzigartigen Duft um mich herum,den sehr viele Menschen, die in meiner Nähe waren als äußerst angenem wahrnahmen.Dieses neue Produkt mit dem Zusatz "Mist" kommt nicht annähernd an den Vorgänger heran. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit riecht es nicht mehr und ist verflogen. Schade, dabei wird es preislich noch höher als der Vorgänger verkauft. Für diesen hohen Preis erwarte ich wesentlich mehr und muss mich nach neuen Düften umsehen.

    by schnappm, May 21, 2021


    Schnelle Lieferung und Top Qualität von La Prairie..

    La Prairie Cellular besitzt einen außerordentlichen guten Duft der lange Anhalt.Die Qualität von La Prairie hat leider seinen Preis, ist aber meiner Meinung nach jeden Euro wert.Wie immer schnelle Lieferung und einwandfreie Verpackung von Amazon, einfach top.Vielen Dank fürs Lesen und einen schönen Tag.

    by ForzaFF, May 12, 2017


    Einfach toll

    Toller Geruch

    by Amazon-Kunde, January 17, 2021

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