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Premium Quality Fitness Cotton Gym Pair Wrist Wraps Support 12" (30cm) Extra Strength with Thumb Loops for Weight Lifting and Kettlebells by Armageddon Sports

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BHD 10.795

PROTECTION: premium extra-strength wrist wraps keeps wrist in perfect form through any lift or movement. Allowing for more reps, weights, PRs and RESULTS! NEW AND IMPROVED: 2019 Version-Newest Design, Top Quality & Best Materials Available! 100% GUARANTEED FROM MANUFACTURER DEFECTS! Experiencing wrist pain from lifting all that heavy weight? Armageddon Sports Wrist Wraps will stabilize and protect your wrist from injuries. QUALITY: Premium thumb loop, strong closure, cotton quad elastics for flexible hold. Constructed from a heavy blend cotton-eglantine for maximum support and longevity ADJUSTABLE: One size fits all. Perfect for Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Pushups (all types) Planks, and burpees all of which were starting to take a toll your wrist; Sold as a pair. Each wrap has a thumb loop for security and support, you can be underneath the warps if you do not need it. PERFECT SIZE: Our standard Wrist Wraps measure 3" in width and 12" (30cm) in length and are made from a durable blend of Cotton (94%), Elastic (5%), and Polyester (1%), with a thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom tightening. This ensures you have a firm but comfortable fit as you move through your regimen.

#productDescription_fullView ul{ color:inherit; } .text-direction-override { text-align: initial; } Armageddon Sports Wrist Wraps are a combination of the best in comfort and durability perfectly suited for heavy lift days. These heavy duty extended length wraps are made from cotton elastic for maximum support and thumb loops with extra length Velcro to ensure they never shift when in use. Constructed from a heavy blend cotton-eglantine for maximum support and longevity. Our wrist straps provide the ultimate in support and protection for the wrists so you can blast your way past your current boundaries you'll be amazed at the extra weights attained. Commonly used by lifters that want wrist support to protect against pain or wrist injury. Perfect for bench pressing, overhead pressing, squats, and other exercises that can stress the wrists. One size fit all. Sold as Pair. NOTE: If the item does not come up to your expectations please do not worry just contact us through Amazon (my messages) and we will be happy to sort out the matter as we believe giving low DSR'S or negative feedback does not really solve any problems. We are always on your side when you are not happy but we are sure our product and service will speak for themselves.


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