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Victorinox 6-Piece Paring Knife, stainless_steel, Black, 30 x 5 x 5 cm

    • Ratings :
    • 4.7 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Bahrain by 29-October to 02-November.
BHD 25.545

  • Content: Potato peeler 5.0103 Paring knife 5.0433 Paring knife 5.0403 Paring knife 5.0633 Paring knife 5.0603 Tomato and table knife 5.0833
  • Handle colour: black
  • With blade of stainless steel

  • Content: Potato peeler 5.0103 Paring knife 5.0433 Paring knife 5.0403 Paring knife 5.0633 Paring knife 5.0603 Tomato and table knife 5.0833.

    Box Contains

    Paring knife-Set 6 pieces


    Customer Review


    Theses are not just sharp, they are sharp sharp!

    These knives are fantastic! I have Japanese blades and German blades but these little gems are in a league of there own. They bring a new definition to the word sharp. Even the peeler makes light work of the toughest root vegetables. The only negative is the handle. That said the knives are so light a bigger handle would make them unbalanced. Don’t be fooled by the low price they are a great addition to any serious knife owner. Would definitely recommend to anyone who appreciates a good knife.

    by Max Wall, 6 July 2021


    Flimsy lightweight rubbish

    I thought it was a joke when these arrived, the packaging looks fake, they definitely are not Swiss made. They are so light weight and just feel cheap, cheaper than the cheapest knife you'd buy in a poundshop. I must have got sent a different batch than all the reviewers got sent.

    by Katiejane, 14 April 2020


    Brilliantly sharp

    Fab, sharp knives. The steak knife is so good that I bought an extra set of 6 of those! Only issue i have is with the veg peeler....the blade goes in the opposite direction than I peel in, if that makes sense, so unless I was left handed, its no good to me. Otherwise everything is great!

    by Orla, 30 July 2021


    Sharp enough to cut diamonds!

    ......well they're not that sharp. But they are very sharp and a great buy at this price. For this kind of money you aren't going to get "the ultimate knife" but you're probably not going to get a sharper ,more solid set than this.If you are clumsy and fat fingered, stay away from these because you are going to end up doing yourself a mischief

    by Dan, 16 February 2012


    Good knives

    Knives excellent but not the old fashioned potato peeler.

    by D. Maskell, 26 September 2020


    Good shape

    Good quality

    by Paula, 31 August 2020



    Brilliant set of knives, the peeler is bloody awful, but the knives themselves are superb! theyre light, the hold an edge very well, and the blades themselves are relatively thin while not flexing too much, making cutting even easier.

    by Mr. J. H. Parker Brown, 20 August 2015


    Very sharp knives!

    If you cut your fingers easily, stay away from these bad boys! V.sharp & good build quality.

    by Jon, 26 April 2016

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