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Greenies Feline Grenies Dental Cat Treat Variety Bundle. Five Flavors, 2.5oz Each Bag

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Greenies Dental Cat Treat Variety Bundle - 6 Great Flavors (Tempting Tuna, Savory Salmon, Ocean Fish, Succulent Beef, Oven Roasted Chicken, and Catnip Flavor) - 2.1 Ounces Each (6 Total Pouches - 1 of Each Flavor)

Customers Reviews

"Greenies Treats Save Cat's Life!" - Story at 11 - um, actually story is below

5.0 out of 5.0 by Customer Since 1998 on December 12, 2015
 I switched from the commercial treats - specifically TEMPTATIONS - about 14 months ago when I took on hospice care of a diabetic "old man" feline. His former owner had fed him handfuls of Temptations daily for many years. This actually is most of the reason the cat developed diabetes. He came to me in pretty bad shape that included an insatiable habit for treats. I tried to con him by putting kibbles in his treat jar but alas he was too smart. When I agree to hospice care for a cat I make the main goal to be a competent, medical provider. The second goal is to make sure the cat is happy. This particular boy was a tough challenge because much of his happiness came from the very treats that had landed him his date with a twice daily needle full of insulin and a shortened expected lifespan. Since he was after all at the hospice stage I was absolutely ready to relent to his desires and give him his Temptations heroin.Then a funny thing happened. A Vet had given me a bag of the Succulent Beef Greenies after Tarzan had periodontal surgery. He LOVED them. It was immediately evident that these were going to be a great replacement for commercial treats as part of his palliative care. The Greenie treats are much larger than Temptations - I called them 'popcorn' when it was time to give them to him because that's just what they kinda looked like when I first saw them. I called his regular Vet and he told me that he had other diabetic patients that swore by the Succulent Beef Greenies. I never knew if there was a nutritional difference between all the flavors. i just knew that he loved then so I never ventured into other varieties. Well, Tarzan was given a few weeks, less than a month, as a prognosis when i took him in. He lived over 13 months against all expectations. He actually died from a cardiac condition completely unrelated to his diabetes. But diabetes was an old story! He went into remission less than 2 months after i got him. I will always be convinced that the Greenies treats are 95% responsible for him living a year longer than expected and 99% responsible for his diabetes remission. I'm not sure someone could give any product more favorable of a review than "It saved his life", but that's exactly what the beef Greenies did.Tarzan passed (in his sleep and not in ANY pain) a couple of months ago. My permanent child, Kitty, had been getting Greenies since Tarzan came into the house. She had no health issues and had always gotten treats in moderation. She took to the Greenies from day one so i was lucky I did not have to buy any other brand. As i mentioned, I had never compared Greenie flavors nutritionally because I stuck with what worked and what had been mentioned originally by the vet. Now that it was just Kitty I saw this flavor variety pack and ordered it. I'm happy to report that she loves all the flavors. There is not a dud in the batch! I enjoy giving her a variety even though I am sure she would have been fine with the Beef. Funny thing about us cat people is how much we actually do that makes US happy that's probably unnecessary. Anyways, that's another subject. I am also happy to report that the price I pay Amazon for Greenies is substantially better than any other source especially when factoring in the Prime Shipping.5 BIG stars!Attached is just a goofy video I made one day that i was bored. Tarzan (right) loved to play with Kitty (half his age) whenever she decided to take a nap. He would jump up near her until she left then promptly nap in that spot. He had the goofiest, most mischievous eyes and I was trying to get them on camera.
Every flavor is a hit

5.0 out of 5.0 by Whib on November 24, 2015
Never had a cat reject these; rather they seem to be about as good as it gets for our feline friends. Can't really say if they help with dental issues or not, but in years of having cats and having these treats, I haven't had any cats with teeth problems.I got this pack to see if the cats would like the catnip ones- particularly one cat which doesn't like catnip toys. Even she loved the catnip flavored greenie, so that seals it: every flavor is a hit
This is a great product for a great deal

5.0 out of 5.0 by Tia on October 10, 2017
I honestly think this bundle might be my most repurchased product on Amazon. This is the only cat treat my cat actually gets excited for, and we only started giving them to her because her vet said she might be needing a teeth cleaning soon if we couldn't take care of it. After a few months on these, her teeth are no longer a concern anymore. Also, she looks forward to her greenies every night before bed, it's the only thing that will get her downstairs to her bed. This is a great product for a great deal.
My cat loves them

5.0 out of 5.0 by Lucretia on June 15, 2015
This is the only treat my finicky cat will consent to eat. I am happy because they do not have a lot of calories, and they actually help his teeth. He is a 13 year old rescue, weighs 20 lbs. All muscle.
Guilt-free Pleasures for Cats/ Feline Greenies Variety Pack

5.0 out of 5.0 by Constance R Mays on May 10, 2015
Feline Greenies variety pack included more flavors than available in any store or vet office My cats don't like to be bored They love being spoiled with this variety package I love the guilt-free pleasure of Feline Greenies full of vitamins and minerals and good for a cat's dental needs Did you know that good dental care is the number one way to extend your cat's life? Heart and kidney damage can occur if a cat's dental needs aren't met I brush my teeth every night before bed and they await their Feline Greenies at the same hour My package from Amazon arrived in perfect condition on the earliest delivery date
My Cat Loves it.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Eugene M. Davis on June 3, 2017
My 2 year old Calico Cat loves this; I order 6 packages that came in one box, I open up one of the Greenies Feline Dental Treat and walked it over to her so that she get a sniff of it, she went crazy over it. I taken 4 pieces out and placed them in my hand, she eaten it like it was her first meal in 10 days. I will only give it two her as a treat of 4 to 8 pieces, I don't want her to think that this is her new food. Since she (Valentina) loves it, it will be her treat for now on.
Great treats, cat loves them

5.0 out of 5.0 by Em Pem on August 24, 2019
Cat never gets tired of these! We’ve used them for all sorts of training activities but also just give them out when she tries the cute cat-eyes on us but has already eaten plenty. The variety bundle was nice because it brought the price down. She never met a Greenie flavor she didn’t like, and I’m happy it’s beneficial for her teeth!Note: our cat drools a little when she chomps on these. We find it really cute, but just a heads up in case you’re planning on giving them to your cat on top of a fancy/hard-to-clean sofa or something, and don’t like the idea of cat drool seeping into the fabric.
Use sparingly with cats who like them.

3.0 out of 5.0 by JoeKunk on February 11, 2016
These should be used sparingly and not mixed with wet food. I give these perhaps 3 at a time once a day. When I gave more our one cat who would eat them would upchuck them, particularly if I mixed them in her wet food. That is consistent with other comments some of which suggested to never give them to your cat. I however found they could be used sparingly, although I am not sure of their benefit. The one cat likes them and will pick them out if mixed in a tray of other dry food.

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