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Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel - 32 oz.

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Now you can easily have beautiful tires and trim that retains a supple, flexible feel without fading Opti-Bond Tire Gel provides durable protection for rubber and vinyl with advanced UV and ozone protectants that shield tires and trim from sun and environmental damage Opti-Bond Tire Gel looks great yet contains no harmful petroleum distillates or VOCs that cause vinyl and rubber to oxidize and crack Opti-Bond Tire Gel has a brilliant shine with no greasy, sticky residue that splatters on your fenders or attracts dirt to tires, vinyl trim or interior surfaces Apply with a foam applicator or dilute 1:1 and spray

Customers Reviews


5.0 out of 5.0 by SA on September 26, 2017
IF you degrease and clean the tire properly every time will last you about 2 weeks or more! I applied roughly about 2 weeks ago and I just washed my car today, my tires still have a satin finish and black look. Very impressed with this tire dressing! A little goes a long way with this product! The bottle should last me 2 years or so with bi weekly washes. Use a foam or microfiber applicator pad or Adams Foam block! A teaspoon size of gel should be enough for a normal sized tire. I put this on the whole tire, wipe clean, and then add a layer of Chemical Guys VRP on top a few hours later. Then wipe clean, the VRP gives it a pop but not to shiny look. The Opti Bond and VRP work well together, VRP adds a silky satin shine to it for the first week, then the opti bond provides the blackening effect I like.Consistency is very watery which I did not like at first but it’s Easy to work with. Lasts a long time on a properly cleaned wheel. And remember a little goes a long way with this tire dressing. It does give a shiny finish for a week! And it’s not as shiny as VRP but I’ll sacrifice that for durability any day! And it does not sling at all, if you do a wipe down with a microfiber 5-10 minutes after applying.
Great product but spills easily and leaves slippery residue

4.0 out of 5.0 by H. Salgado on October 8, 2018
I was skeptical when I ordered this product but I'm glad I did. Here's the good and the bad:The good:- it does a great job making your tires look shinny.- it stays on for a long, long time!- it doesn't splash onto your car.- one small application will cover all of your tires, so a bottle will last you a long time as well.The bad:- You have to apply it with a sponge but the mix is so thick that even if you dilute it with water on a different bottle (as they manufacturer recommends), it ends up spilling all over the floor and on your wheels. So you have to apply a small amount at a time in order to avoid spilling, but then again, if you do that, it takes a lot longer to finish the job.- The spilled residue is hard to clean properly, especially on your wheels.Given the advantages over the two (significant) disadvantages, I'd recommend this product over others I've used in the past. Use caution though. I ended up diluting a good amount with a similar portion of distilled water and put it in a squirt bottle--although I learned very quickly not to squirt directly the stuff onto my tires, but a sponge instead.
Goldilocks Tire Shine- “Factory Fresh Rubber”

5.0 out of 5.0 by Cb3 on May 27, 2015
I'm a car detailer so I'm picky about the products I use frequently. Opti-Bond seems to have the perfect gloss balance- not Armor All shiny and also not too matte in appearance. I dislike glossy tires and prefer the “factory fresh” look that this provides. It can always be layered for more gloss which is helpful when a customer requests “shiny tires”. I usually use a brush to apply the gel to lower profile tires. Cost per application is decent as well- 303 Aerospace Protectant spray is a close second in my tire shine arsenal.
Excellent product for the price.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on July 15, 2017
I wanted a tire gel that would protect my tires without making them look unnaturally shiny, and was water based so I wouldn't have to worry about the tires browning like they would with regular use of a solvent based tire gel. I use it straight out of the bottle without diluting it, and let it sit on the tires for a few minutes so that it can soak into the rubber. After that I wipe off the excess with a towel. The more you leave on the tires the glossier it looks. I don't like the gloss so I wipe away the excess, this also prevents the "run off" and "sling" that I've seen other people complaining about in their reviews. If you wipe off the excess you should have no issues with the gel slinging off while driving.For a water based tire gel I've found that its actually quite durable. I put it on both my daily driver and my summer car that I only drive in nice weather. With my daily driver I had at least 3 rain showers I had to drive through after applying it and I purposely drove through puddles to see how it would hold up. When the tires got wet the water beaded up, and the tire gel lasted close to 3 weeks before it was completely gone. On my summer car its been a couple of months and it's still on my tires and they have that deep black color you would expect to see on new tires; whereas before they were slightly browned from me trying other cleaning products on them that didn't work so well.In the end I think this is a great product. For being water based I think it is quite durable, and I like that it doesn't give my tires a glossy look like many others do. But if you desire that glossy look it can be achieved with this product if you just wipe it on and leave it or apply more than one layer. Just be sure to wipe off the excess in between each layer you apply otherwise the gel will sling off.The only other complaint that I remember reading about in other reviews was that it was too thin and hard to apply. It is thin, and runs a little when it's poured onto the the sponge, but its not so thin that it's difficult to use. For the price I think this is an outstanding product and definitely worth a try.
Best tire dressing, my go to for the last 5+ years.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jason on July 31, 2017
My favorite tire dressing out there. You can get more expensive stuff and you can get cheaper, but this is my go to. It's not dilutable as some, but it lasts longer so you don't have to waste as much as something like Hyper Dressing (which is also a really good product). A 32 oz bottle lasts me forever and I have SUV tires and a car that gets washed / detailed weekly.